Weekend Adventures in the Bay

Take a coastal hike to Kirby Cove

This two mile round trip hike takes you to an
epic panoramic view of the Golden Gate bridge.
“Kirby Cove is a special spot in Golden Gate
National Recreation Area,” Superintendent of
Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Laura Joss said.

Check out Stafford Lake

It’s right in our backyard … Lay back, relax and
enjoy the sun. “It’s a good place where you can
go and chill in the hammocks,” junior Maxine Walas said.

Go Climbing at Planet Granite

Planet Granite is a rock climbing gym in San
Francisco. When at Planet Granite, students can
top rope and boulder. Climbing is considered to
be a lot of fun and a great workout. The gym
is situated in the Presidio, so you have a great
view of the bay and a nice coastal breeze when climbing.

Bonfire at Muir Beach

From left to right: Elizabeth Meehan, Kelsey McIvor, and
Hayden Shaffer

Muir Beach is the only beach in Marin
where bonfires are permitted. Bonfires
are a great way to hang out with your
friends, and nothing beats the coastal
sunset. “It’s really cool how you can just
look out to the ocean and look back into
isolation,” freshman John Brawley said.

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