NUSD continues to offer free meals to aid community

The above image was posted on the Novato Unified School District Facebook page and describes the locations and meal plans. On Mar. 16, the NUSD Food and Nutritional Services (FANS) department started to distribute free meals to students 18 years of age or younger from either a drive-through or walking pick-up.  Meals are available at… Continue reading NUSD continues to offer free meals to aid community

Colleges modify SAT/ACT policies due to coronavirus

On Mar. 31, the University of California schools decided to implement temporary measures which relax undergraduate admissions standardized testing requirements for students looking to enroll at UC for fall 2020 and future years as applicable. Many other colleges nationwide have also switched to a test-optional system for the current junior class, because of the inability… Continue reading Colleges modify SAT/ACT policies due to coronavirus

AP test format changes in response to shelter-in-place restrictions

Every May, students are packed inside of a gym, classroom or cafeteria to take a test for hours. However, this year students will be sitting in their homes, in front of a computer screen for 45 minutes. On Mar. 23, 2020, the College Board sent out an update through email in regards to the changes… Continue reading AP test format changes in response to shelter-in-place restrictions

Australia bushfires incite reaction from students

Australia is currently experiencing one of its worst fire seasons in history. Since fires initially broke out before the start of Australia’s summer season this year, more than 17.9 million acres of land have burned, with fires now ranging nationwide. The effects of the bush fires have been declared devastating, affecting not only people and… Continue reading Australia bushfires incite reaction from students

Mock Trial team reaches Marin County final

By Justine Beales & Elise Jonas-Delson The San Marin Mock Trial Team placed second at the Marin County Mock Trial Competition on Feb. 1, scoring within a margin of 0.78 percentage points below Tamalpais High School, the undefeated county champions of 26 years. Courtroom artist Natasha Linssen, who received an “outstanding performance” award for her… Continue reading Mock Trial team reaches Marin County final

Go Guardian teacher tool purchased

A quick glance down a row of students in any class would show that students often indulge in unproductive activities such as watching Netflix, playing video games, or other non- academic activities that consume class time. In either late December or early January, San Marin will purchase and outsource a new teacher tool called GoGuardian.… Continue reading Go Guardian teacher tool purchased

Students raise concerns over gender neutral bathrooms

A year and a half ago, the gender neutral bathrooms located near the 800 building were shut down due to continuous problems with sexual activity and vaping. Because the stall doors reach all the way to the floor, students were more likely to engage in inappropriate activities. Combined with the increased vaping rates on campus,… Continue reading Students raise concerns over gender neutral bathrooms

Backlash against homelessness crisis grows in Bay Area

“Refugee camps in Syria are cleaner than this,” Oakland property developer Gene Gorelik said in an interview with the New York Times at an Oakland fast-food restaurant that overlooks a homeless encampment.  Homelessness has continuously been a crisis in California and has risen significantly in certain cities. For example, San Jose experienced a 42 percent… Continue reading Backlash against homelessness crisis grows in Bay Area

School implements tutorial schedule

On Sept. 4, San Marin had its first tutorial of the year. Thisis the first year tutorial has been implemented using the new format that provides students with a 50 minute period every Wednesday during the regular school day. Last year's tutorial schedule consisted of work time immediately preceding grading periods. This schedule was controversial… Continue reading School implements tutorial schedule