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GSA club write in: Why San marin needs a gender sexuality alliance

Written by Wesley Fink, Max Leonard, and Derek Dela Cruz  San Marin High School has issues when it comes to the treatment of it’s LGBT community. As a school, we like to think we’re a lot more progressive than some of our actions indicate. However, it is the small things, jokes between friends, sneers, and statements that can have negative

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Our View: Racism and its prevalence at San Marin

By Paige Chassman, Stephanie Metzger, and Amanda Oppegard Recently, San Marin has had several incidents of student racism on campus, including “ZOOM Bombings” in which people join class ZOOM calls and use hate speech, mostly directed at students of color and non-heterosexual sexualities. There have also been inappropriate Instagram accounts created using San Marin’s name to spread hate and intolerance.

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Opinion: Should books that contain racial slurs be banned from classrooms?

Wesley Swedlow, Melissa Matheny-Muñoz, Curtis Aikens, Dee Boyd, and Evelyn Negrete-Moreno meet over Zoom to discuss the use of racial slurs and offensive language present in books read in school. They discuss how they are affected by the presence of racial slurs and offensive language in classrooms, as well as how they feel about their presence in future classrooms. 

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Opinion: The uncertainty of college admissions creates Added stresses for applicants

After sitting hunched over my desk for the entire morning, the last thing I would ever want to do with my afternoon is return to my desk and work on college applications. Applying to colleges has always been a mentally exhausting process, but this year applications will be even more challenging and less predictable. However, these new and strange circumstances

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Opinion: COVID-19 fundamentally changes how seniors select colleges

By Vivienne Tran & Emma Williams Attending Zoom webinars in lieu of admitted students days means that the faces of your future classmates are replaced by muted, gray boxes. Technical difficulties and a lack of real human interaction make it difficult to pay attention and gain useful information. Of course, many of us could not visit college campuses anyways, but

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