Scholarship carries on Pitti’s legacy

At the Jan. 16 Varsity Boys Basketball game versus Novato, seniors Zoe Null and Ryan Loeber were announced as the winners of the 2nd Annual Pitti Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship was created in 2017 to honor Craig Pitti, a teacher, Athletic Director and basketball coach who passed away from cancer in October 2017. Every year,… Continue reading Scholarship carries on Pitti’s legacy

Gender wage gap among athletes remains controversial

Inconsistency in treatment between male and female athletes has been a trend within the athletic industry for decades. A 2018 study conducted by Women in Sport found that 40 percent of female athletes continuously experience prejudice while involved in the sports industry. However, one of the most significant aspects of gender discrimination in sports is… Continue reading Gender wage gap among athletes remains controversial

Freshman Keeley Wright makes varsity girls basketball

Although she is just 5’4’’, Keeley Wright stands tall as a freshman on the Girls Varsity Basketball Team.  “Basketball was really fun even though I didn’t really know how to play when I started,” Wright said.  She started playing while in the second grade but as she’s gotten older, she’s become more serious about basketball.… Continue reading Freshman Keeley Wright makes varsity girls basketball

Students reflect on use of BMI test in physical education

For some students, the Body Mass Index (BMI) test is one of the most anxiety-provoking assessments required in their school career,but for others, it is just another test mandated by the schooldistrict. The BMI test is given by NUSD to fifth, seventh and ninth graders for the purpose of collecting data on students’ wellness, and… Continue reading Students reflect on use of BMI test in physical education

Jack McDonald finishes first in racing championship

When freshman Jack McDonald’s stepfather first took him to the racetrack two years ago, he immediately wanted to be on the track. “I wasn’t scared; I wanted to race,” McDonald said. Since then, McDonald has acquired several racing awards including this year's championship title and Sportsman of the Year for 2018. McDonald, who is 15… Continue reading Jack McDonald finishes first in racing championship

Freshman Joey Cook “leads by example and by voice”

Freshman Joey Cook moved up to be starting JV quarterback in the 2019-2020 season because of his talent and leadership skills. Cook was excited that he had made the team because he had been practicing with JV for weeks and had devoted a lot of time to the team. “Joey was dedicated to football even… Continue reading Freshman Joey Cook “leads by example and by voice”

CycleBar inspires San Marin students and faculty

Recently, indoor cycling classes have significantly increased in popularity. Carefully selected professional instructors teach an intense cardio workout that is intended to inspire participants both mentally and physically, making the classes desirable to a variety of age groups and levels of athleticism. In 2016, Novato opened its own CycleBar studio in Hamilton Field. San Marin… Continue reading CycleBar inspires San Marin students and faculty

’Stang Gang Survey

VARSITY TEAM CAPTAINS “What’s your team’s super power? What’s your team’s favorite song?” Cross country: Jackson Hilton, Nick Brandis, Bella DeRuvo, Paige Chassman Team super power: average speed Favorite song: “Sally Up” Boys waterpolo: Hayden Shaffer, Wilson Perry Team super power: Caleb Favorite song: “Sweet Caroline” Girls golf: Summer Lake Team super power: positivity Favorite… Continue reading ’Stang Gang Survey

Girls varsity lacrosse team reaches NCS finals for first time

The San Marin girls lacrosse team placed third in MCALs and second in NCS this season, higher than any lacrosse team has gone at San Marin. This season, the team added several new players to their lineup. The new players said that they felt welcomed on the team right away and that there was instant… Continue reading Girls varsity lacrosse team reaches NCS finals for first time