Students struggle to balance schoolwork and extracurriculars

The final bell rings, students pack up their bags and leave school for the day. For some, this means finally going home to relax, going out with friends, or preparing for after school activities. For others, it means getting a head start on homework and studying for an upcoming test. Some San Marin students are… Continue reading Students struggle to balance schoolwork and extracurriculars

Jack McDonald finishes first in racing championship

When freshman Jack McDonald’s stepfather first took him to the racetrack two years ago, he immediately wanted to be on the track. “I wasn’t scared; I wanted to race,” McDonald said. Since then, McDonald has acquired several racing awards including this year's championship title and Sportsman of the Year for 2018. McDonald, who is 15… Continue reading Jack McDonald finishes first in racing championship

Students perform in Honor Choir

    Juniors Daniel Ford and Devin Thompson, and sophomore Sam Martin performed at San Mateo High School with the California Educators Regional Honor Choir. They are the only representatives from Marin County.      The California Educators Regional Honor Choir allows students throughout California to sing in select choirs under the direction of nationally… Continue reading Students perform in Honor Choir

Opinion: Growing up has caused us to lose our Christmas spirit

I’ve always loved Christmas but now, it’s different. Each year, there’s a little less joy and magic. Normally, the first sight of red and green lights on a neighbor’s house would automatically bring a smile to my face. But now those lights aren’t as twinkly and bright. So, is it Christmas that’s changed or is… Continue reading Opinion: Growing up has caused us to lose our Christmas spirit

Opinion: Our society is blind to the racism that exists today

I often hear Marin compared to a protective bubble that traps its residents in a false, ‘perfect’ reality. I am guilty of falling victim to this lifestyle. It was never that I wanted to, or that I would rather keep the blinders on that prevented me from seeing what was truly happening around me. Instead,… Continue reading Opinion: Our society is blind to the racism that exists today

PTA recognizes winners of the Reflections contest

In November, seniors Nick Brandis and Kiara Ortiz and junior Jane Phillips won in the 2019-2020 annual Parent Teacher Association, or PTA, Reflections contest. The contest is open to students from elementary school to high school, and each division is judged individually. The available categories are dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and… Continue reading PTA recognizes winners of the Reflections contest

Opinion: College Board’s monopoly counteracts its purpose

After taking eight AP exams, the SAT, an SAT subject test, sending my scores to colleges, and creating a CSS Profile, I will have paid the College Board a total of $1,036.50, which is more than double the amount of money I will spend on submitting my college applications. Millions of students apply to college… Continue reading Opinion: College Board’s monopoly counteracts its purpose

Power shutoff closes NUSD schools

PG&E has issued many potential power shutoffs for Marin County from September through December. When weather causes a fire risk in any particular region, red flag warnings and high wind warnings are issued by the National Weather Service.  Fires, such as the Kincade fire in Geyserville, raised awareness for a shutoff. High wind patterns throughout… Continue reading Power shutoff closes NUSD schools

Go Guardian teacher tool purchased

A quick glance down a row of students in any class would show that students often indulge in unproductive activities such as watching Netflix, playing video games, or other non- academic activities that consume class time. In either late December or early January, San Marin will purchase and outsource a new teacher tool called GoGuardian.… Continue reading Go Guardian teacher tool purchased

High school students are under pressure for the perfect transcript

Throughout most students’ high school careers, they are presented with the challenge of figuring out whether they want to go to college, and if so, how they can be more competitive applicants. The stress on students to improve their college application is increasing each year as colleges receive more applicants and their acceptance rate go… Continue reading High school students are under pressure for the perfect transcript