Sports standout: Maddie Ash, fencer

by Elise Chassman, editor Junior Maddie Ash became a fencer when she started playing with curtain rods at the age of 7. After using them as makeshift sabres (swords used in fencing) she convinced her mom to let her pursue the sport of fencing. She now competes in tournaments all over the United States, representing her… Continue reading Sports standout: Maddie Ash, fencer

School moves towards wall-to-wall academy vision

by Jenna Clark, editor Administrators are working to create several academies to complement already-existing academies (STEM, Social and Environmental Justice Academy (SEJA), Biotechnology) in order to pique student interest and develop strong learning communities. The long-term goal of administration is for every student to be part of an academy. Students at Sinaloa, San Jose, and Hamilton… Continue reading School moves towards wall-to-wall academy vision

Teachers deal with the distraction of cell phones

The use of technology in the classroom is a helpful educational tool and has changed the way a modern classroom works. However, it has also become a nuisance to many teachers and a distraction to many students. Cell phone use in classrooms has become a problem for several teachers. Several teachers have implemented different strategies… Continue reading Teachers deal with the distraction of cell phones

Guempel on depression, anxiety: ‘I am not the only one’

by Cate Guempel, editor Without opening my eyes, I reach out my hand until I find my phone and turn on the alarm reminding me that soon I will have to leave my bed for bright fluorescent lights and another day to fail expectations. Mornings like these, my body feels too heavy to lift and every… Continue reading Guempel on depression, anxiety: ‘I am not the only one’

Warcholski: ‘I’ve always viewed my introversion as a gift’

As the dictionary defines it, “a shy, reticent person, a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than external things.” The word described is introvert, but to me, It’s who I am. There are two main types of personality: introversion and extroversion. The difference between the two is that introverts gain energy… Continue reading Warcholski: ‘I’ve always viewed my introversion as a gift’

SM struggles to fill Spanish teaching positions

San Marin has had problems in recent years finding people to fill teaching positions. This year, a Spanish teaching position went unfilled until September 8, when Maria Carrera was hired to take over for Nate Willis, the long-term substitute. Throughout California, schools have had difficulty finding teachers. Enrollment in teacher-preparation programs has dropped by 74… Continue reading SM struggles to fill Spanish teaching positions

San Marin students experience hit musical, Hamilton

A revolutionary Broadway show is sweeping the nation and changing the lives of students everywhere. Hamilton is a hip-hop musical about the life of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Its book, lyrics, and music are written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also played the titular character. At the 2015 Tony Awards, Hamilton received a record-breaking 16 nominations… Continue reading San Marin students experience hit musical, Hamilton

AP vs. College preparatory classes

by Elise Chassman, editor Over half of all upperclassmen at San Marin are choosing at least one advanced placement (AP) class over a college prep class. These accelerated courses help students to improve their standing as a student, from raising their grade point average (GPA) to impressing colleges. “Most students choose AP classes because of the… Continue reading AP vs. College preparatory classes

San Marin updates facilities

by Caroline Baetkey, editor As San Marin’s staff and students adapt to various new programs, like Global Academy and STEM, its campus is also being set for change through both renovations and new facilities. Due to “population growth, increased interest in STEM-related programs, and interest from staff and students for different space,” as stated by Principal… Continue reading San Marin updates facilities