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Opinion: Low self-esteem has become an epidemic

I never used to consider myself my own enemy. But now, I look in the mirror and can be nothing but critical. We have reached a point at which low self-confidence has poisoned the minds of too many teenagers, myself included. I’m guilty of scolding myself about how I’m not pretty enough, smart enough or athletic enough; the list could go on and on. Having been born into an age of technology, my

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Opinion: NUSD’s wasted funds hurt students and teachers

Six million dollars for personal Chromebooks? Check. An additional $3.7 million for “flexible furniture” in classrooms? Check. Enough money to replace outdated textbooks from the early 2000’s? I’m sorry, the district has other priorities. WLC Architects, an architectural firm hired by the school district, identified a need of over $500 million to repair facilities. In other words, the Novato Unified

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Arroyo: “I regret not having tried harder in school”

I started out each year relatively strong, usually maintaining a 3.0 GPA through the first progress report, but by the end of the first semester, laziness would plague my brain. I’d have around thirty missing assignments in some classes, because I actively avoided doing homework by partaking in activities like browsing the Internet or watching movies. As my junior year

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Opinion: Transitioning to vegetarianism benefits the planet and myself

Throughout my entire life, I closed myself off to the idea of vegetarianism because I thought that my single choice would make no difference in the long run. I told myself that it would be impossible to change my diet because I had grown up eating meat, and it would take too much effort to change. My close-mindedness was not based on a dislike for animals or desire to hurt the environment, which

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