Opinion: Schools should prioritize tech upgrades

Technology is, and has been, a big part of daily life for people in the 21st century. With so many people in the possession of devices that can access and effectively use the internet, we are undoubtedly in an age that is shaped by our technology. That fact applies to schools as well, and schools,… Continue reading Opinion: Schools should prioritize tech upgrades

Opinion: Students should work toward reducing harmful stereotypes

No matter the year or the people, premature opinions of any grade will always be widespread around campus. These stereotypes can range from the sports that people are most likely to play, to the grades they earn, or the things that students find humorous. At the back-to-school rally, the other classes, including the sophomores who… Continue reading Opinion: Students should work toward reducing harmful stereotypes

Opinion: District should reevaluate Journalism funding

Seven outdated computers, two cameras and several printer issues. Does that sound like enough resources to support a class that is responsible for publishing a paper that is seen by over one thousand students and their family members, let alone one that has won prestigious awards? The answer to that, simply put, is a resounding… Continue reading Opinion: District should reevaluate Journalism funding

Opinion: Standard educational practices hurt students

As a junior in high school, college has become something I hear discussed each day: touring nearby colleges, taking the SAT, researching schools. But this has also thrown me into a world that leads me to believe that should I fail a single test, I will not be successful later in my life. This stigma is extremely prevalent, but also extremely outdated and flawed, as… Continue reading Opinion: Standard educational practices hurt students

Opinion: Child-free women and couples face outdated bias

Young women are asked this question constantly in their lives leading up to adulthood: “How many children do you want to have?” To this question, I usually answer, “None.” Each time, I have received judgment in the form of a question, expression or statement. Some said that I am selfish for not wanting children. Others… Continue reading Opinion: Child-free women and couples face outdated bias

Opinion: My perceived imaginary audience influences my feelings and actions

As a teenager surrounded by teenagers that talk about other teenagers, I feel the need to always look and act presentable. I always feel as if everyone is paying close attention to me, trying to pick out my flaws and remembering me for them. Even if I was alone, I’d still feel like someone was… Continue reading Opinion: My perceived imaginary audience influences my feelings and actions

Opinion: Success and happiness are achieved differently

Four years. 1,460 days. 35,040 hours utilized to uncover our purpose. We are told that we find ourselves in high school, that we will leave this place with a clear conception of who we’re supposed to be for the rest of our lives. At the age of 16, I must discover the reason behind why… Continue reading Opinion: Success and happiness are achieved differently

Opinion: Educational pressures limit my passions

For as long as I can remember, I've been a 4.0 student, overachiever and school-obsessed maniac. In middle school, I always imagined a life for myself that either involved being a full-time student or pursuing some type of academic career. Until now, I have never considered dropping out of school. The problem is not that… Continue reading Opinion: Educational pressures limit my passions