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Administration makes plans for new courses

Assistant Principal Mike Casper and Principal Mark Sims have been finalizing plans for a new public service course pathway at San Marin. The public service pathway aims to promote and prepare students for jobs in public service. The hope is that, if the courses are successfully completed, the students will get college credits going towards an Associates Degree in Administration

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Wildfires leave a trail of desolation in their wake

By Emma Robertson and Anja Damazyn On the night of October 9, hundreds of people woke up to find their town in flames. Many individuals from the San Marin community were affected, including, math teachers Adam Green, Susan Taggard, Alison Doolin and science teacher Claudio Tronconi, and many San Marin families housed evacuees. Police officers and firefighters were going door

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Lack of Latinos in AP classes stems from school and home

One out of 34 AP Statistics students are Latino. An estimated 10.5 percent of all AP students at San Marin are Latino, compared to 28.2 percent of all of San Marin’s students, so there is a significant disparity between Latino students who take AP classes and those who don’t. Sophomore Ismael Resendiz said there are two reasons for that disparity:

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Museum of Ice Cream

During September 2017, an extremely popular pop-up museum, The Museum of Ice Cream, opened in San Francisco. Around 50,000 eager customers have bought the $38 tickets, according to the Now, two months later after the immediate sell-out, the museum is remaining successful and extending its stay in SF until 2018. Some of the museum’s main attractions include a sprinkle

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