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San Marin toughens stance on parking enforcement

In an attempt to keep the school parking lots under control, the San Marin administration has increased parking enforcement with warnings about consequences for students who violate parking policies. The lack of enforcement in years past has prompted stricter parking-related rules this year. San Marin administration requires students to purchase a $25 parking permit to park in designated student parking

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Speech contest winner discusses abuse

Throughout the spring semester, sophomores have been working on their Sophomore Advocacy Project essays and speeches, which are focused around controversial problems, and students can choose their own topic. Previously known as the Sophomore Speech, English teacher Shannon Ward was one of the teachers that converted the speech to the Sophomore Advocacy Project. The focus transitioned from, “What is your

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Junior Brigid O’Brien to perform in professional musical

On Friday, April 27, junior Brigid O’Brien attended her final day of school at San Marin for the 2017-2018 school year. O’Brien will be starring in the new musical, “A Walk On the Moon” written by Pamela Gray, a professional musical performed through San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater. At 17-years-old, O’Brien is the youngest principal actress in a cast of

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Three freshmen compete at Marin Poetry Contest

On April 26, three freshmen represented San Marin at the county-wide Marin Poetry Contest. Poems by freshman Lucy Ostrowski and freshman Clara Lamott were selected for the contest, while a poem written by freshman Devin Thompson won an honorable mention. “From Embers” is a poem by Thompson that she wrote in her freshman English class, based on the struggles of

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