Sophomore Elizabeth DeRuvo assists the community

It was a cold and stormy night when sophomore Elizabeth DeRuvo first envisioned her organization, Operation Warm Winter. The idea came to DeRuvo when she was six years old. She realized that during cold nights, the homeless had nowhere safe and dry to go. DeRuvo asked her mother where they go to sleep and her… Continue reading Sophomore Elizabeth DeRuvo assists the community

Global Glimpse offers opportunities to students

Traveling to a brand new destination alone can seem like a daunting process for young adults. However, the nonprofit organization, Global Glimpse, alters the perspectives of high school students through an international traveling experience which immerses them into different cultures. Through this program, young adults take on various leadership skills, as well as understanding the… Continue reading Global Glimpse offers opportunities to students

Leadership class improves school dance

On January 25 from 8-10 p.m., San Marin hosted the Winter Whiteout dance in the mini-gym. Students dressed in neon or white casual attire that would glow under the black lights set up in the gym, which were accompanied by other glowing decorations like balloons and streamers. Similar to previous dances, North Bay Security was… Continue reading Leadership class improves school dance

Junior Tobey Reyes sings her way to fame

In 2006, when the Disney Channel movie High School Musical aired on television for the first time, four-year-old Tobey Reyes watched the singers and dancers in awe. High School Musical was no longer just a movie to her, it had become her dream to fulfill a life similar to those in the movie.   During… Continue reading Junior Tobey Reyes sings her way to fame

Healthcare Club sparks students interest in medicine

From a young age, senior Ashok Sundararaman was urged to be a software engineer by his family. It wasn't until the summer of his sophomore year that he discovered that his heart lay in the field of medicine and health care. This desire to join the medical field, prompted Sundararaman’s ideas for a club at… Continue reading Healthcare Club sparks students interest in medicine

Art department introduces Sculpture and Ceramics

When art teacher Jennifer Norman noticed a kiln at school, she knew she had to make use of it. At first, Norman had only planned on integrating it into the curriculums of the preexisting art courses. Instead, a new class was born. Sculpture and Ceramics is a course that aims to utilize any sort of… Continue reading Art department introduces Sculpture and Ceramics

Freshmen are the latest big kids on campus

With 325 students in the current freshman class of 2022, San Marin staff and administration made multiple adjustments within the school this year to accommodate its increasing population. “We were projected to have 268, and then we went up to 305 before school let out last spring, but then we got more,” Vice Principal Diane… Continue reading Freshmen are the latest big kids on campus

Junior Sage Thornton volunteers in Latin America

In the warm, humid air of El Ojal, Panama, junior Sage Thornton and two of her partners from other high schools were in the kitchen of their abuela, or their host grandmother. Abuela was running around grabbing different ingredients to put into a big bowl which was then going to be combined to make yiyimbres,… Continue reading Junior Sage Thornton volunteers in Latin America