Spanish teacher Marcelyn Smith set to retire this year

After years of creating stories, singing songs and exploring the Spanish language with generations of students, Spanish teacher Marcelyn Smith will conclude her 25year teaching career. Smith earned her teaching credential at Brigham Young University, but she did not originally intend to become a teacher, instead beginning her college education as an art major and… Continue reading Spanish teacher Marcelyn Smith set to retire this year

Survey reveals racial gap on campus

In January, almost 85 percent of San Marin students completed the Youth Truth Survey for the second year in a row. This online survey obtains student ratings in a variety of categories in order to gain a better understanding of students’ experiences on campus. The six categories ranked included Engagement, Academic Rigor, Relationships, Belonging &… Continue reading Survey reveals racial gap on campus

District curbs losses with further budget cuts

On March 19, the Novato Unified School District Board of Trustees approved the Second Interim Budget Report as well as the proposed Budget Balancing Process for the 2019-2020 school year. The proposed cuts entailed in the Budget Balancing Process projected approximately $1.8 million in savings, larger than the recommendations made by last year’s Budget Advisory… Continue reading District curbs losses with further budget cuts

Opinion: District should reevaluate Journalism funding

Seven outdated computers, two cameras and several printer issues. Does that sound like enough resources to support a class that is responsible for publishing a paper that is seen by over one thousand students and their family members, let alone one that has won prestigious awards? The answer to that, simply put, is a resounding… Continue reading Opinion: District should reevaluate Journalism funding

Trisha Panganiban pursues passions through challenges

Senior Trisha Panganiban has been overcoming challenges her whole life. “It started with my parents not being the support system I needed them to be from an early age,” Panganiban said. “Ever since I can remember, I was already looking out for myself, because I kind of expected my parents not to. And back then,… Continue reading Trisha Panganiban pursues passions through challenges

Opinion: Standard educational practices hurt students

As a junior in high school, college has become something I hear discussed each day: touring nearby colleges, taking the SAT, researching schools. But this has also thrown me into a world that leads me to believe that should I fail a single test, I will not be successful later in my life. This stigma is extremely prevalent, but also extremely outdated and flawed, as… Continue reading Opinion: Standard educational practices hurt students

Students and staff reflect on racism awareness walkout

On April 4, junior Perla Rodriguez held a walkout after a student used racial slurs against one of their peers, telling them to “go back to Mexico.” Rodriguez wanted to use the walkout as a way to express her concerns and raise awareness about racism on campus. “I just hope San Marin as a whole begins to slowly but surely understand that the ethnic group is outnumbered, but… Continue reading Students and staff reflect on racism awareness walkout

Humans of San Marin: April 25, 2019

“Being accepted into UC Riverside was a happy moment I had. At the beginning I felt I wasn’t going to get into any schools and I wasn’t positive, but once I got accepted, everything changed. Five years from now, I see myself living in Southern California, with a job preferably inside my major. I would… Continue reading Humans of San Marin: April 25, 2019