Opinion: We need more than ID card hotlines

You may have noticed a change to your new ID card: a list of crisis hotlines. California Senate Bill No. 972, approved in Sept. 2018, requires all public, private and charter schools of grades 7 to 12, as well as institutions of higher education, to print the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the Crisis Text Line… Continue reading Opinion: We need more than ID card hotlines

Community addresses presence of discrimination

In August, anti-Semitic flyers were posted throughout Novato, including on San Marin’s campus. This incident has compelled many individuals to reflect on their personal beliefs about the continuation of anti-Semitism, as well as the widespread growth of racism that can result in similar displays of discrimination. “Racism and anti-Semitism still very much exist, but they… Continue reading Community addresses presence of discrimination

CycleBar inspires San Marin students and faculty

Recently, indoor cycling classes have significantly increased in popularity. Carefully selected professional instructors teach an intense cardio workout that is intended to inspire participants both mentally and physically, making the classes desirable to a variety of age groups and levels of athleticism. In 2016, Novato opened its own CycleBar studio in Hamilton Field. San Marin… Continue reading CycleBar inspires San Marin students and faculty

Teacher turnover rates experience increase

With a total of 69 teachers lost due to retirement and resignation, NUSD lost 15 percent of its staff within the 2018 school year. San Marin alone has lost a total of 23 teachers within the past four years.  In addition to retirement, teachers can resign for a multitude of reasons, from challenges faced by… Continue reading Teacher turnover rates experience increase

CAASPP scores drop compared to previous years

San Marin’s California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) scores dropped from the 2018-19 school year. English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) scores decreased from 68 percent either having met or exceeded the standard to 60 percent, which, according to Principal Mark Sims, went from the “all-time high to the all-time low.” Mathematics scores decreased from… Continue reading CAASPP scores drop compared to previous years

Opinion: We cannot scroll past tragedy

At least once a year, a tragic event prompts teachers to give students a serious, emotional talk. In my sophomore year, when the Parkland school shooting and a San Marin student’s death happened, a couple of my teachers would talk about it in the beginning of class, and would then move on to actual classwork.… Continue reading Opinion: We cannot scroll past tragedy

New superintendent sets priorities

When Superintendent Kris Cosca walked into his first teaching job in an impoverished community, he realized that his students required more from him than a lesson plan.  “Those students needed to trust me,” Cosca said. “They needed to respect me. They needed to know that I cared for them. And until they knew those things,… Continue reading New superintendent sets priorities

’Stang Gang Survey

VARSITY TEAM CAPTAINS “What’s your team’s super power? What’s your team’s favorite song?” Cross country: Jackson Hilton, Nick Brandis, Bella DeRuvo, Paige Chassman Team super power: average speed Favorite song: “Sally Up” Boys waterpolo: Hayden Shaffer, Wilson Perry Team super power: Caleb Favorite song: “Sweet Caroline” Girls golf: Summer Lake Team super power: positivity Favorite… Continue reading ’Stang Gang Survey

Survey reveals racial gap on campus

In January, almost 85 percent of San Marin students completed the Youth Truth Survey for the second year in a row. This online survey obtains student ratings in a variety of categories in order to gain a better understanding of students’ experiences on campus. The six categories ranked included Engagement, Academic Rigor, Relationships, Belonging &… Continue reading Survey reveals racial gap on campus