Sleep deprivation hinders students’ ability to learn

The average San Marin student sleeps for only six hours a night. The national average amount of sleep for high school students is seven hours, according to a 2017 survey by the National Sleep Foundation. The necessary amount of sleep for teenagers is approximately nine hours a night. San Marin adapted their schedule to start… Continue reading Sleep deprivation hinders students’ ability to learn

Drug and alcohol use common among students

By: Nancy Shin and Athena Yap Instead of trying to get high grades while in class, some San Marin students are just hoping to get high. Results of a recent survey asking for student opinions and thoughts on the topic showed that 84 percent of students have witnessed others using drugs or alcohol at school.… Continue reading Drug and alcohol use common among students

Speech contest winner discusses abuse

Throughout the spring semester, sophomores have been working on their Sophomore Advocacy Project essays and speeches, which are focused around controversial problems, and students can choose their own topic. Previously known as the Sophomore Speech, English teacher Shannon Ward was one of the teachers that converted the speech to the Sophomore Advocacy Project. The focus… Continue reading Speech contest winner discusses abuse

English and drama teacher Denise Smith to retire

English and Drama teacher Denise Smith will be retiring after working for 15 years at San Marin. Smith always wanted to be a teacher, but first found herself in nursing after moving to California. “When I first moved to California I got this job working as a physical therapy aide and decided to go into… Continue reading English and drama teacher Denise Smith to retire

Club volunteers in relay to raise funds to fight cancer

The San Marin Interact Club attended the Relay for Life event held by the American Cancer Association, or the ACS, on Saturday, May 19. The ACS is devoted to finding a way to eradicate cancer and hosts fundraisers and awareness events, such as the Relay for Life, to fund their research. The Relay for Life… Continue reading Club volunteers in relay to raise funds to fight cancer

Junior Brigid O’Brien to perform in professional musical

On Friday, April 27, junior Brigid O’Brien attended her final day of school at San Marin for the 2017-2018 school year. O’Brien will be starring in the new musical, “A Walk On the Moon” written by Pamela Gray, a professional musical performed through San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater. At 17-years-old, O’Brien is the youngest principal… Continue reading Junior Brigid O’Brien to perform in professional musical

Special Education teacher Don Hille retires

After finishing his fifth year at San Marin, Special Education teacher Don Hille will retire. “I am grateful to be finishing my career here at San Marin,” Hille said. He emphasized his appreciation for the staff and students in the school community, stating that his colleagues’ support has encouraged him to put effort into his… Continue reading Special Education teacher Don Hille retires

Mark Sims reflects on 2017-18 school year

“It’s the people here that I think I’ve been most impressed with, our students, our parents, our teachers,” Principal Mark Sims said. “It’s a unique situation, and I’ve been in a number of places. I would compare San Marin favorably to the best places that I’ve been.” The end of the 2017-2018 school year will… Continue reading Mark Sims reflects on 2017-18 school year

Legally Blonde musical takes the stage

This semester on April 27, 28, 29, and May 4, 5, and 6, San Marin students performed the musical “Legally Blonde,” starring Julia Greene and Annabel Milliner as Elle Woods. This musical tells the story of Elle Woods as she follows her heart to Harvard Law School to pursue Warner, her “true love,” played by… Continue reading Legally Blonde musical takes the stage