Colleges modify SAT/ACT policies due to coronavirus

On Mar. 31, the University of California schools decided to implement temporary measures which relax undergraduate admissions standardized testing requirements for students looking to enroll at UC for fall 2020 and future years as applicable. Many other colleges nationwide have also switched to a test-optional system for the current junior class, because of the inability… Continue reading Colleges modify SAT/ACT policies due to coronavirus

College and Career Center lacks student usage

For many high school students, the idea of life after senior year is intimidating and stressful. San Marin has a College and Career Center (CCC) to help make this transition smoother. However, only approximately 12 percent of the senior class, according to Barbara Hernandez, visits the College and Career Center on a regular basis. Senior… Continue reading College and Career Center lacks student usage

Opinion: We are too caught up in our own worlds

I freeze in the driveway, taking in the moment as I stare at the majestic harvest moon. I often find myself being drawn to the moon’s unusual existence, wondering why other people are not mesmerized by it as well. My strained eyes wander up to the illuminating orb, and I am instantly brought back to reality. Every day, it reminds me to focus on the… Continue reading Opinion: We are too caught up in our own worlds

CycleBar inspires San Marin students and faculty

Recently, indoor cycling classes have significantly increased in popularity. Carefully selected professional instructors teach an intense cardio workout that is intended to inspire participants both mentally and physically, making the classes desirable to a variety of age groups and levels of athleticism. In 2016, Novato opened its own CycleBar studio in Hamilton Field. San Marin… Continue reading CycleBar inspires San Marin students and faculty

Educators evaluate the merits of taking multiple AP courses

High school students across the country feel the need to enroll in numerous Advanced Placement classes in order to gain acceptance to the university that they hope to attend. Although AP classes provide advantages, they are significantly more challenging, and popular belief is that the more AP classes a student can fit into their schedule,… Continue reading Educators evaluate the merits of taking multiple AP courses

Lack of sleep causes caffeine dependency

The monotonous sound of a morning alarm is one that most teenagers dread. Grogginess is a state that teenagers will do anything to avoid, but research shows that a cup of coffee is not the solution. According to a report from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, teenagers need nine hours of sleep per… Continue reading Lack of sleep causes caffeine dependency

Freshmen leaving campus at lunch tests administration policy

Forty-one percent of freshmen report having already been off campus at lunch during the 2018-2019 school year, according to a survey conducted by the Pony Express. This statistic raises some questions, such as what the administration is doing to enforce the rule prohibiting freshmen from leaving campus, why freshmen are leaving, and what the consequences… Continue reading Freshmen leaving campus at lunch tests administration policy