San Marin struggles with perceptions of identity

On March 31, members of the New York City branch of Antifa identified San Marin alumnus Matthew Warner as a member of the white supremacist organization Identity Evropa, now known as the “American Identity Movement,” after left-wing group Unicorn Riot leaked over 700,000 group messages and members’ identities to the public. Warner graduated from San… Continue reading San Marin struggles with perceptions of identity

District curbs losses with further budget cuts

On March 19, the Novato Unified School District Board of Trustees approved the Second Interim Budget Report as well as the proposed Budget Balancing Process for the 2019-2020 school year. The proposed cuts entailed in the Budget Balancing Process projected approximately $1.8 million in savings, larger than the recommendations made by last year’s Budget Advisory… Continue reading District curbs losses with further budget cuts

Opinion: District should reevaluate Journalism funding

Seven outdated computers, two cameras and several printer issues. Does that sound like enough resources to support a class that is responsible for publishing a paper that is seen by over one thousand students and their family members, let alone one that has won prestigious awards? The answer to that, simply put, is a resounding… Continue reading Opinion: District should reevaluate Journalism funding

Students opt out of rallies: “It’s incoherent screaming”

On January 25, 2019, more than one hundred students chose to remain in their classrooms and the library instead of attending the Winter Whiteout rally. According to teachers, the number of students who have chosen not to participate in the rallies has steadily grown from approximately 20 students to over 100 students. For many students,… Continue reading Students opt out of rallies: “It’s incoherent screaming”

District finalizes contracts amid financial issues

On February 8, 2019, Novato Unified School District teachers held a vote on whether to approve teacher contracts for the 2018-19 school year. Superintendent Jim Hogeboom and Deputy Superintendent Kris Cosca held negotiations contracts for the 2018-19 school year earlier in January, ultimately reaching a compromise. NUSD teachers began the 2018-19 school year without contracts,… Continue reading District finalizes contracts amid financial issues

Student wins bronze at international competition

On July 22, 2018, sophomore Izagani Aquino secured a bronze medal victory in the Popular Music History category of Germany’s International History Olympiad. Representing Team California, Aquino competed against more than 250 students from across the world in the Olympiad, which was held in Berlin and took place over the course of nine days. “It… Continue reading Student wins bronze at international competition

Opinion: NUSD’s wasted funds hurt students and teachers

Six million dollars for personal Chromebooks? Check. An additional $3.7 million for “flexible furniture” in classrooms? Check. Enough money to replace outdated textbooks from the early 2000’s? I’m sorry, the district has other priorities. WLC Architects, an architectural firm hired by the school district, identified a need of over $500 million to repair facilities. In… Continue reading Opinion: NUSD’s wasted funds hurt students and teachers

Mark Sims reflects on 2017-18 school year

“It’s the people here that I think I’ve been most impressed with, our students, our parents, our teachers,” Principal Mark Sims said. “It’s a unique situation, and I’ve been in a number of places. I would compare San Marin favorably to the best places that I’ve been.” The end of the 2017-2018 school year will… Continue reading Mark Sims reflects on 2017-18 school year

District struggles with budget cuts

The Novato Unified School District is facing deficits of more than $4 million, shown in the district’s First Interim Report. As a result, the school district will have to cut funding to certain parts of the budget, with recommendations made by the Budget Advisory Committee. According to Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Yancy Hawkins, the deficit has left the district with few options on how to deal with it.… Continue reading District struggles with budget cuts