Unsung Hero: Lisa DiMare

Lisa DiMare has been working at San Marin for three years as campus security. She can often be seen around the school during breaks and lunches. She helps out with school events like football games as well as other jobs around campus.

Courtesy of Lauren Mancuso
(From left) Lisa DiMare, her son and alumnus Dante DiMare, and husband Dom DiMare attend Senior Night in 2020 for Dante’s last football season.

DiMare is being recognized as an Unsung Hero to commemorate her hard work over the years. From being a mom of three, to helping San Marin’s green and gold community, DiMare dedicates a lot of time contributing to our school.

DiMare has grown close to students on campus, including junior Brittany Casper.

“She teaches the kids the importance of being an all-around-kind human at school and out of school,” Casper said.

Her daughter, Nina DiMare, is a senior at San Marin and is on the Varsity softball team. She believes her mom has been a huge help to the San Marin community for the past couple of years, because of the amount of time and effort DiMare puts into setting up events like graduation.

Courtesy of Lauren Mancuso

“She had helped out with the weight room in the off-season for about ten years, as well as being a football team mom for those years,” Nina DiMare said.

Nina DiMare also talks about her mom fixing and putting the classrooms back into shape after COVID-19 hit and San Marin was returning to in-person school.

“During the COVID year, she went in and rearranged the desks to meet the distance requirements for every classroom,” Nina DiMare said.

DiMare has also been seen going above and beyond with helping the softball and football teams. She sends out emails and figures out carpool situations for away games. During football season, she works the snack shack at home games, and helps raise funds for the team.

“She would always make my job easier by sending out emails for the team and being organized about everything,’’ San Marin Athletic Director Tyler Peterson said.

Peterson emphasized that DiMare would always be the person to go to if they had any questions. He has always appreciated her commitment to the Sports Boosters and to making the San Marin sports community stronger.

“She teaches the kids the importance of being an all-around-kind human at school and out of school.”

– Brittany Casper

“Lisa is someone who cares so much for every kid whether she knows you well or not, and will always have your back at school,” Casper said.

Casper said DiMare is one of the most generous people she has ever known, and has a huge impact on San Marin and its students.

“She really stands out at school because she can build relationships with every kid on campus,” Casper said. “I think she has made San Marin an all round better place with her tough love.”

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