Thread Talk: Mid-April Issue

Grace Venezia (Junior)

Junior Grace Venezia takes influence from many styles to create an extension inside self to through her outward appearance.

She embraces inspiration from the past, such as “Winona Ryder’s style from the 90’s.”

Grace enjoys pieces that are “eclectic”, drawing elements from a variety of aesthetics.

Grace likes to layer and use accessories to make outfits that have more detail and variety within them.

She also uses looser fitting clothing to add depth to her style.

“It’s kind of expressive… putting together an outfit,” Grace said. “It’s artistic.”

Grace sources staples for her style via thrifting and raiding her mom’s closet.

Mandy Bell (Senior)

Senior Mandy Bell would describe her style as “androgynous- a mix of feminine and masculine.”

Mandy combines elements of streetwear with vintage pieces, while also valuing sustainability.

“I’ve spent a lot of time looking at pieces I can wear for a long time, and also ones that have more original thought behind them,” Mandy said.

Mandy finds her clothing and accessories from places like Basketcase Gallery and Stussy.

She likes to wear outfits that are visually appealing, “but also, I just kind of wear things that I can be comfortable and confident in.”

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