Larson now full time principal

Jennifer Larson, the current interim principal and assistant superintendent of education services, will become San Marin’s full-time principal on July 1. As the permanent principal of San Marin, she plans to put an even larger emphasis on students’ voices and restorative practices, since she now has the time to fully dedicate herself to that goal.

Amelia Park

Larson enjoyed her time as interim principal, likes being here on campus, and loves San Marin’s culture.

“I’ve had such a great year here. I left being an administrator at school about eight years ago, and I knew I missed being at school full-time, but I don’t think I realized how much I missed it until I became your interim principal,” Larson said. “I like that San Marin offers a lot of different choices for the students, from clubs to athletics. We also have an incredible group of passionate students and teachers. I think everybody is open to wanting students to explore their passions and interests.”

Since Larson is planning on staying at San Marin, she has more time to fully implement her plans and focus more on her goals.

“Now that I know I will be here for the long run, I get to start planning what things will look like. And there’s a lot of things we’ve started, but now we get to look at them closely,” Larson said.

“I want to see continued growth in inclusive practices.”

– Jennifer Larson

Larson also wants to make sure student voices are heard and brought to attention. Although she has already started working on this, she now has a longer time frame to achieve her goal of having more restorative practices and making sure student issues are being addressed.

“We have been invested in restorative practices…but it’s happening here and there, and I would like to see it more school-wide…I am also very passionate about student voice and empowerment,” Larson said.

“I want to see continued growth in inclusive practices. I want to ensure every student can come to school and feel seen and heard as their voice matters…And there’s some of that already here, but we, like any other organization, have room to grow.”

“I’m enthusiastic about staying at San Marin. I’m even more excited to be even more involved in a community I feel very strongly about supporting.”

– Jennifer Larson

Larson is excited to start as a full-time principal in an environment she already loves, and wants to continue to improve our school.

“I’m enthusiastic about staying at San Marin. I’m excited to be even more involved in a community I feel very strongly about supporting,” Larson said.

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