Annual CSF blooddrive returns

Lindsey Oppegard and Kaysie Ruvalcaba

On Mar. 1, the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) club partnered with Bring Change To Mind (BC2M) to orchestrate a blood drive in the mini gym. The event was a huge success, with 20 donors giving 22 units of blood, exceeding the club’s goal of 16 donors.

“The event was very successful; we accumulated lots of blood,” CSF Co-president Cameron Cravens said.

This is an annual event for the CSF Club, but this is their first year back from the pandemic. They partnered with Vitalant, a nonprofit organization that collects blood and provides it to patients and hospitals in need.

Lindsey Oppegard
Junior Analiese Engler gets blood drawn at CSF blood drive.

The age requirement was 16, so donors consisted of juniors, seniors, and staff members. Each person donated one pint of blood, except for two people who qualified for a “power red” donation, meaning they could donate two.

Among the student donors was senior Alexa Hansen, who donated blood because she wanted to help those who might need it.

“I heard there was a shortage and I definitely wanted to help people in need,” Hansen said.

Biotech teacher Gillian Boyd was one of the staff members who donated blood. For her it was a new experience, and a way to give back and help someone.

“I decided to donate blood because I have never done it before. If I can help save a life by laying down and having some of mine taken, then I don’t see why I wouldn’t,” Boyd said.

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