Spring musical is anything but rotten

The spring musical, “Something Rotten” is featured on the last two weekends of April. It is presumed to be one of San Marin’s better productions.

The musical takes place during the Renaissance period. It is about two brothers who are trying to create a successful new play. The director and cast had a challenging time with this play but expect it to be very entertaining

The director, Kelly Gasparini, voices that there were many obstacles for this production, however these difficulties did not hold the program back.

“It is a hard musical, no doubt, this is very challenging. Last year we did Guys and Dolls and it was a big success, and that was a big musical, but this is bigger,” Gasparini said.

Gabriella Boggeri, who plays as the main character’s wife, Bea, says that there was some difficulty with the dances, especially since the cast does not have much experience with dancing. She expresses that it is watch-worthy. 

“It’s a really dance-heavy show and not a lot of us are dancers, yet somehow we look amazing… You have to come to see the tap dancing eggs,” Boggeri said.

The cast enjoys the musical because of all of its references to Shakespeare. They are hopeful it will interest a large audience. 

“…This musical has lots of Shakespeare references… There is this song called ‘God I hate Shakespeare’, so if you like Shakespeare it will be funny, and if you don’t then it will also be funny. It’s gonna be a fun show,” Jesse Chi, who plays the main character’s brother, Nigel Bottom, said.

For someone who is interested in having a good time and a roaring laugh about Shakespeare and dancing eggs, come attend this play on April 28-30.

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