Highlighting Holiday Traditions in December

When people talk about the holidays, their minds usually go straight to Christmas. But in reality, there are many holidays in December that are also celebrated that bring joy to the people who celebrate them.

Hanukkah is a Jewish Festival Light holiday celebrated for eight days in late November to early December. Hanukkah traditions include playing with four-sided spinning tops called dreidels and exchanging gifts until the day of Hanukkah.

Sophomore Lola Christo celebrates Hanukkah with her family and friends.

“We usually sit around a big table and light the menorah, eat food together and talk since it is a really good bonding experience for us during the holidays,” Christo said.

Another holiday celebrated in December is El Dia de los Reyes Magos, a Catholic holiday that celebrates the three wisemen bringing gifts to baby Jesus. Junior Stephanie Camarena-Gonzalez has celebrated since she was young.

“I get time to spend it with my family, something that we can constantly celebrate every year even though it is not a big holiday,” Camarena-Gonzalez said.

Sophomore Hilda Tamayo, who also celebrates El Dia de los Reyes Magos, shared her favorite activity during the holiday.

“My favorite part of that holiday is being with my family and friends, catching up on memories and playing games with them,” Tamayo said.

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