First girl in MCAL to score touchdown

By Arianna Chen and Seth Myers

Courtesy of Lauren Mancuso
Wide receiver Katie Martin runs a route for a pass during a home game against Terra Linda.

Sophomore wide receiver Katie Martin made history on Sep. 31 by being the first girl to score a touchdown in the Marin County Athletic League.

“This was something I’ve wanted forever, so it was really cool and I think the guys were really excited too, sometimes even more than I was,” Martin said.

Martin credited junior Hannah Bassett with helping her learn how to play football as Bassett was on the freshman team in 2021.

“I feel like I influenced Katie because already having the mindset of wanting to play football but being held back by standards and seeing another girl do what you want to do gives you the confidence to go out and do it,” Bassett said.

Martin was featured on CBS Bay Area News with Vern Glenn on Oct. 12. The story highlighted her recent achievements and how she accomplished them.

“I think it is really cool and I think it is a big deal, everyone seems really excited,” Martin said.

On Oct. 17, Martin was a student-athlete representative that went to San Jose Middle School to inform students about sports and how they will be able to sign up when it is time for them to. She has gone to many different middle schools to inspire young girls that they can do anything, including playing football. In the new year, she is starting to coach Next Level flag football.

Martin had always wanted to play football, and when many of her guy friends joined freshman year, she thought that she would join as well. She hopes that this has shown other girls that they can play as well.

“[Girls] can play too and they can do whatever they want,” Martin said.

Martin plans to keep playing and get better as a player.

“To keep playing, I really want to play on Varsity and maybe even break a state record of three touchdowns in one game,” Martin said.

Although Martin has only just started her journey, she has already impacted many on her team.

“It’s a diverse team and we get to have a teammate that pushes everyone to get a little bit better,” JV Defensive Coordinator Justin Drenner said.

Teammates know her not only for being inspiring, but hard working.

“It’s cool to know someone who can overcome so much, and that I know is going to be somewhere some day,” Sophomore Cole Shotz said.

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