Best friends commit to D1 baseball

What started as two teammates hitting and lifting together has turned into a close friendship and two Division 1 baseball commitments. Junior catcher Cole Chamberlain committed to University of Texas and junior third baseman Anthony Scheppler committed to University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Lindsey Oppegard

Chamberlain and Scheppler met as freshmen when they both got pulled up to Varsity. Since then, they have gotten closer over the years through similar baseball goals.

“Baseball has helped bring our friendship together because we share the same goal of wanting to go far in our baseball career,” Chamberlain said. “Us working together to achieve that goal has helped bring us a lot closer.”

Varsity baseball coach Jamie Vattuone thinks their strong friendship has a positive impact on the team.

“Their friendship is pretty good – too good. They help support and push each other,” said Vattuone. “They know that fine line of having fun but also being focused on what their main goal is.”

Baseball teammate senior Josh Martin agrees with Coach Vattuone, saying they are assets to the team. 

“Their friendship is very strong,” Martin said. “They contribute with their passion for the game and their hitting.”

While Chamberlain and Scheppler have worked together to achieve their goals, they have also been guided by individual inspirations. For Scheppler, it is his father.

“My dad is my biggest inspiration,” Scheppler said. “He’s coached baseball forever and I always grew up watching him.”

Both boys are looking forward to continuing their baseball careers and are content with the decisions they have made. Chamberlain already feels at home at his campus and knows he made the right choice.

“It’s a different feeling when you walk onto the Texas campus. I just felt it was the right fit,” Chamberlain said.

While baseball has obviously transformed them into great athletes, Chamberlain says he has learned many life skills from the sport as well.

“Baseball has really helped develop me as a person,” Chamberlain said. “Talking to coaches over the phone has helped my public speaking and has brought my nerves down which will help me with job interviews in the future.”

Scheppler agrees and added that baseball has connected him with many new people.

“I’ve met so many new people from baseball and it’s created so many great relationships that I will hopefully have for the rest of my life,” Scheppler said.

As for the upcoming baseball season, both boys showed a desire to be North Coast Section (NCS) champions.

“I want to win NCS. I think we have a very good team this year with depth at every position,” Scheppler said.

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