Students and staff partake in winter activities over the break

Staff and students are doing many different things over the holidays. Some are visiting friends, going on trips, or going to parties; while others are staying home, spending time with family, and relaxing. 

Some are catching up on hobbies, such as sophomore Grace Buck. 

“With the school year, we have so much school work and homework. I don’t have as much time to do hobbies and things I enjoy. But during breaks I have more time to do it,”  Buck said.

Other students, like sophomore Nelly Grasso, are going on a trip for the break to visit their family.

“Over the holidays I’m going to go to see my family in L.A. We’re just gonna hang out and it’s gonna be really nice, because I haven’t been to L.A. to see them in like five years,”  Grasso said.

Teachers, like Spanish 1 and 2 teacher Derek Kiger, are also doing something special this year’s break. Kiger will be spending some time outside for the holidays. 

“For sure getting outdoors, doing some outdoor activities. If I’m back home [New Mexico], I’ll for sure be skiing,” Kiger said. “If I’m here, I hope to go to the beach, get some waves.”

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