Artist Highlight: Maddie O’Sullivan and Robyn Hirasaki

Photo: Kenzie Rawles
Sophomore Maddie O’Sullivan

Maddie has been creating art since as young as kindergarten. A few art styles they love to recreate are realism, pop art, and abstract. Their favorite art piece (Handheld) was made because they had been into drawing hands and practicing multiple mediums in one artwork. The mediums included were: watercolor, marker, pen, and paint. In total, it took them an hour and a half to do. When asked, Maddie explained that the piece meant alot to them because it showcases their improvement and how they were able to fix their mistakes. Currently, they’re taking their second year of art here at our school’s art program.Besides art, Maddie participates in San Marin’s Volleyball team, learning ASL, and playing video games. For a future career, they’d want to do character design. A piece of advice they shared is that anyone can be good at art, you just have to practice and be consistent.

Freshman Robyn Hirasaki’s digital piece

Robyn has been drawing practically their whole life, but they can remember it starting when they were around the ages of 7-8. The style that Robyn goes for is a type of animesque that she combines with a few other styles they’re inspired by. Animesque style is a type of non-japanese anime artesque. Robyn explains that they get their inspiration from different fandoms or creators they are interested in at the time, in which their friends also support the creative liberty they take. If they could choose to do art professionally, they would be a 2D animator or freelance artist. On the side, Robyn has several different alternate universes/characters of worlds that they enjoy doodling in their free time.

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