1994 alumna returns as principal

A 1994 graduate of San Marin, Jennifer Larson, is returning with the title of Interim Principal, putting all her knowledge of the school to use. With her time here, she plans to prioritize student voice and wellness. 

After graduating from San Marin, Larson studied liberal arts at Chico State, working towards her goal of becoming a teacher. Larson then returned to Novato as an English teacher at Sinaloa Middle School, eventually ending up in the district. 

With Larson’s long background working at NUSD, she is not coming into the position unknowingly.

“I was the coordinator of secondary education, then the director of student success, and now the assistant superintendent of education services,” Larson said. 

While Larson is at San Marin, staff are learning from her years of knowledge about NUSD. 

“She knows a lot of the history about the district and reasons behind past decision making, or changes,” Vice Principal Shawna Torres said. “That history that she can share with all of us is

really helpful.” 

Larson enjoys working with students and hopes to create connections with her time here as principal. 

A large priority of Larson’s is listening and getting feedback from students. She encourages them to come up to her and express their ideas, concerns, and challenges. 

“What is most important to me is building relationships with students, with an open communication system,” Larson said. “I want students to feel comfortable coming up to talk to me about ideas and challenges.” 

Larson also wants to focus on the school community and social environment. 

“Continuing the work around restorative practices, equity, and wellness are three of our priorities this year,” said Larson. 

Larson has a lot planned this year for student wellness. She understands that school can cause a large amount of stress on students, so she plans to initiate a “Wellness Hub”, for the San Marin community where activities will be held to care for mental health. 

“She has a really good lens on student support,” Torres said. “Support we can bring to students like wellness and mental health.” 

The Wellness Hub is planned to become a long term experience here on campus. Prior to the opening, Larson and staff intend to have a week dedicated to wellness. Wellness Week will act as an introduction to the activities and importance of the Wellness Hub. 

Larson is set to be San Marin’s interim principal for the 2022-2023 school year; until the Novato Unified School District (NUSD) finds a principal to develop and guide the school for future years. 

Larson has committed to her standing as principal for this school year only. Applications will be sent out this spring, searching for a principal for the 2023-2024 school year.

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