Unsung Heroes: Appreciating Triantafyllos and Tartaglia

The unsung hero is presented as a way to appreciate the people on campus who often go unrecognized for their positive contributions to the school community. For this issue, Counselor Laura Triantafyllos and Head Custodian James Tartaglia, two people who work behind the scenes to improve the campus environment and help support students and staff in reaching their fullest educational potential are named unsung heroes. 

Triantafyllos has been supporting students for seven years and is spending her last year before retirement continuing to assist her students in applying for colleges, guiding students in finding their interests, and preparing them for their careers after high school. 

Counselor Laura Triantafyllos announces her retirement from the school after seven years. She will continue to work with students after retirement. 

“My favorite is always the students,” Triantafyllos said. “That’s the biggest thing I’m going to miss. I just love working with teenagers and I get so much from all of you. You give me more than I give you.” 

Triantafyllos also deeply appreciates her counseling team, Jim Hu and Caroline Hoj. 

“We are a well-oiled machine, the three of us,” Triantafyllos said. “I’m going to miss that too. This is the best team I’ve worked with.” 

Triantafyllos plans to part with San Marin after this semester to spend more time with her family but still intends on working with students through volunteering. 

“I am going to volunteer with teenagers,” Triantafyllos said. “I haven’t decided in what capacity, but I am just going to continue working with kids.” 

The next unsung hero, Tartaglia has worked at San Marin for just under three years. He enjoys the freedom his job provides and like Triantafyllos, appreciates the students and staff on campus. 

“The students here are spectacular,” Tartaglia said. “I have not seen anybody doing anything, belligerent or defacing the property. Everybody has been super polite.” 

Head custodian Jame Tartaglia appreciates the welcoming environment of the campus/

Not only does Tartaglia appreciate the cleanliness of the students, but feels supported by the staff on campus. He enjoys interacting with the different people he meets because he learns something from each of them and can apply this to his own life. 

“I like the fact that every time I go to a different class or team somebody knows something that I am interested in,” Tartaglia said. 

Tartaglia especially likes to visit the music and woodshop classrooms and cannot emphasize enough how friendly everyone on campus is to him. 

“If [San Marin] had a personality, based on the students, teachers, and parents, it would be: nice, patient, calm, and friendly,” Tartaglia said. “It is a great place to work.” 

The contributions of Tartaglia and Triantafyllos have not gone unnoticed by students. Senior Sara Bazikian want to show their appreciation for the unsung heroes of this issue by saying thank you. 

“We really appreciate you,” Bazikian said. 

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