Bay Area Boba

Calling all boba lovers! Whether you like fruity or milk tea, black or green tea, there is bound to be a drink that suits your fancy below. We went to three boba shops located in the Bay Area that are perfect for date nights, hanging out with friends, or simply if you are feeling experimental.

ShareTea – 9/10

Riley’s Order: Mango Green Tea, No Sweetness, Classic Pearl Boba.

Emerson’s Order: Classic MilkTea, 50% Sweetness, Classic Pearl Boba and Lychee Jelly

ShareTea has locations in San Rafael, San Francisco, Oakland, and Santa Rosa.

The Mango Green Tea is the least sweet option on this review, but the one with the greatest pop of flavor. The Pearl boba is soft and he green tea emulates the taste of a fresh mango. The pearl boba is soft, but the best part of this drink is the lychee jelly that makes it both filling and delicious. It is a well spect extra ten cents making the total cost around $6.00.

Tpumps – 10/10

Riley’s Order: Blackberry Black Tea, No sweetness, Classic Pearl Boba

Emerson’s Order: Mango Strawberry Black Milk Tea, 50% sweetness, Classic Pearl Boba with Lychee Jelly

Tpumps is located in San Francisco at 1916 Irving Street

The Blackberry Black Tea is the perfect combination for its unique berry flavor supplementing the subtle taste of black tea. Out of all the shops, Tpumps has the boba that is most satisfying to chew. The mix of mango and strawberry brings out the flavor of the milk tea in this sweet and chewy boba drink. Tpumps regularly has a long line of customers, but it is worth the wait.

Aloh-o – 8/10

Riley’s Order: Peach Green Tea, Mini Pearl Boba

Emerson’s Order: Mango Milk Tea with Regular Sweetness

Aloh-o has locations in Petaluma, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, and coming soon in Novato.

The Peach Green Tea is the sweetest option, which is why we gave it the lowest score. The boba is somewhat chewier than the other two options, but the fact that it is much smaller gives it character. This tastes similar to a Snapple Peach Tea and is perfect for someone with a sweet tea palette. This drink has a generous amount of chewy boba pearls and is a heavier consistency, similar to a small mango shake. Aloh-o also offers a variety of food and snacks on the menu.

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