Students share experiences on snowboarding vs skiing

Senior Tyler Vuong gets air on his snowboard while on the slopes at Diamond Peak Ski Resort in Washoe County, Nevada. Vuong has been snowboarding since age ten.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect trip to the snow. Whether it’s staying cozy in the cabin or building a snowman. But what it really boils down to is: what’s preferred, skiing or snowboarding?

Junior Katie Cook has a love for skiing, especially when it is with family and friends.

“From my experience, skiing is more enjoyable because I can balance better and I fall less,” Cook said.

She finds herself getting an adrenaline rush on each run. Cook has been going to Diamond Peak Ski Resort located in Incline Village, Nevada. “It’s a good place for kids to learn,” Cook said. She has also set goals for herself when taking a trip to the snow. “I like shredding the slopes down Black Diamond and I try to hit as many slopes as possible,” Cook said.

Senior Sam Reyes, a snowboarder, also aims to challenge himself when hitting the slopes. “Typically I’ll set a goal of going on some of the tougher runs,” Reyes said, “I like to challenge myself.”

Reyes’ dad began teaching him to snowboard at age 12, and now the rest of his family snowboards as well. He snowboards at the Northstar Resort located in Truckee, California.

Ava Ruano, a freshman, also skis at the Northstar Resort. Ruano first started when she joined her friends fo a trip to Tahoe, and has loved it ever since. Along with Reyes, Ruano skis with her family.

“My whole family knows how to ski, so it has turned into a family tradition,” Ruano said.

Sophomore Max Doroba is a snowboarder, and he sees it as an outlet to his busy life. “What I enjoy the most [about snowboarding] is how relaxed I feel,” Doroba said, “school and work can get super stressful but on a snowboard a lot of that goes away.” Doroba frequently visits Sugar Bowl Resort, Mammoth Mountain, Boreal Mountain, and Northstar Resort.

Doroba grew up watching the Winter Olympics and the X Games, an annual extreme sports event produced and broadcasted by ESPN. From that moment on, he knew that he had wanted to compete in tournaments one day.

“Since day one for me I’ve always wanted to take my ridingto the next step and compete in bigger tournaments,” Doroba said.

Doroba has received several ambassadorships and gotten many sponsors, such as, Nidecker snowboards, Flylow gear, and Purl Wax, that have motivated him to take his riding to the next level.

“Snowboarding is a massive part of my personality and without it I would be completely different. I’m definitely super grateful for the people who got me into it and that have helped me along the way,” Doroba said.

These students find joy and relaxation in both sports at the same time. Your break will be well-spent either skiing or snowboarding.

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