Athletes and coaches praise trainer Brendan Graber

Physical trainer Brendan Graber wraps an athlete’s wrist before their game. This is one of the many things he does to ensure player safety.

For six years, 30-year-old athletic trainer Brendan Graber has worked to keep SM student-athletes in the game. He wraps ankles and wrists, diagnoses concussions, and helps athletes safely return from injuries. On any given day, Graber stays until around 9 pm to supervise home games and be available to check out players during practice.

Graber grew up in a small town in New Jersey, playing a multitude of sports including soccer, wrestling, sailing, hockey, baseball, and more. He moved to Livermore, CA in 8th grade and ultimately discovered his love for athletic training at Diablo Valley College.

“I came across a sports medicine class while signing up for classes and I ended up loving it because of my passion for sports and helping people,” Graber said.

From there, Graber earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Exercise and Sports Sciences at the University of the Pacific and his Master’s Degree in Kinesiology at Fresno State.

Lauren Carlson, a sophomore on the JV volleyball team, frequently visits Graber for ankle and knee injuries.

“He’s always there for you emotionally and physically,” Carlson said. “He’s very kind and comforting.”

Coaches also greatly appreciate Graber’s efforts to rehabilitate players. Girls Varsity soccer coach Luis Flores thinks Graber has a vital role in getting players back to 100%.

“I really like and appreciate how passionate Brendan is for the athletes, I can call him and he will show up to help an athlete out with a smile and no questions asked,” said Flores.

“My favorite part about being an athletic trainer is to be there for athletes in a time of need, and be able to help people safely return from injuries when they happen,” said Graber.

Aside from physical training, you can find Graber riding his motorcycle or enjoying the great outdoors.

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