Traffic issues create difficulty for students and staff

The traffic surrounding San Marin has been an issue for many years, especially for teens who are new drivers. Students, staff members, and parents have raised concerns regarding the congested traffic during drop-off and pick-up times.

Some students who drive themselves to school plan to get to school early to ensure they don’t run into traffic issues. Students that are not  seniors have an additional problem in finding a place to park.

“I started going earlier so I could get a spot to park at school… I’ll be sitting there and a seven minute drive will turn into a fifteen minute drive…” sophomore Zade Hubbs said. “I get here at 8:05 and I have to sit in my car for a while, just so I can secure a spot. Otherwise, I have to park really far away from school.”

One of the busier areas is the one-way street in front of campus. The traffic flow is usually slower during drop-off and pick up times, with delays down along the road. Parent behavior around this area has also created some issues.

“What angers me is the fact that parents don’t realize that when they park where they park, they hold everybody up,” Geography and history teacher Robert Lacy said. “They park wherever they want and then all of a sudden nobody can come in, nobody can go out. If I don’t get out of here when the bell rings, then it’s ten minutes or more before I get anywhere.”

Another difficult area to get around is the intersection on San Marin Dr. and San Carlos Way.

“Sometimes people go when it’s not their turn,” Hubbs said. “I need to drive defensively when that happens.”

Student tardies have also been caused by traffic problems. Due to roads being backed up, it is difficult for some students to get to school on time without having to arrive many minutes early.

“My first class of the day, there are some kids who are always late,” Lacy said. “I don’t know how much that is their fault, or how much it is the traffic. My guess is a combination of those things. But yeah, if you come with five minutes to spare, you’re probably going to be late.”

When raising these concerns, ideas have been brought up to help with traffic. This  includes more signage for the one-way street, traffic lights being installed at the intersection, and more.

“I think that a crossing guard would be very helpful directly in front of our school,” Hubbs said. “To help with the intersection especially.”

Many others agree with Hubbs and want a crossing guard to be placed in the intersection. The flow of traffic would be  safer, allowing students to drive and walk across the street easier. However, Principal Mark Sims has a different opinion.

“I’ve never really seen a crossing guard at a high school campus, “I think that a traffic light would be the appropriate response,” Sims said. “I think that a crossing guard, although nice, is unnecessary. What we really need is a light at the intersection.”

With the traffic in front of the school being congested, it has raised safety concerns toward students. This is especially problematic with less experienced drivers involved.

“When you have that mess and that many people, that’s a recipe for disaster,” Lacy said. “It’s definitely an issue. You take the carelessness of youth and a crowded environment and automobiles, and you’ve got potential for problems.”

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