Everyone should care about the right to an abortion

For centuries, men have been making bills on bodies that won’t affect them with no clear understanding of how development stages or menstrual cycles work. Most people are not even aware that they are pregnant within the six week time frame the new bills require. 

The enactment of the Texas Heaheartbeat Act will not lead to a decrease in abortions, but an increase in more dangerous abortions. as pregnant individuals are forced to carry their unborn child to term as their safer option is revoked, forcing them to seek dangerous and unethical medical care, or fly to different states to receive appropriate care. With the possibility of  Roe v. Wade being overturned- a ruling that brought unity to everyone across the United States, making people feel seen, heard, and their choices honored- people in Marin are sitting silent. Now, while many will probably acknowledge this is a sad state to see our country in, the lack of action speaks volume to our privilege. We as Californian citizens know that if we remain in California our right to a safe abortion will never be taken away but this luxury is not a common one worldwide. If a Marin resident were to be in the position where they were unable to get an abortion at a local practice, they would likely have the means to fly to a place where they could receive a safe abortion. If going out of state to have an abortion seems outlandish to you, look at the number of students who had the ability to go out of state to take their SATs. This is a privilege of the wealthy majority in Marin. We are so focused on only what affects us that we do not realize how affluent our bubble is or recognize when action needs to be taken.

Pregnant individuals in these states are now being forced to take alternative measures which could result in death or legal action because they want to make a decision about their own body and life. Their states do not care about their health and safety, but rather the “safety” of an unborn child. 

Everyone deserves the right to a safe abortion, and to feel supported by their community when making this decision. We as a society demonize the person having the abortion rather than those who deem it okay to share their disapproval, when they should have no role in this conversation in the first place. Everyone should be granted the right to make the decisions that are best for them, and not be restricted by beliefs they may not even share. 

We ask that all people think about their place in this conversation. This is more than a women’s issue. It affects women, non-binary individuals, trans men, and men who care about women, especially the fathers of young girls. If we stand by and let Roe v. Wade get overturned, or let the Texas Heartbeat Act stay in law, we are no better than the cis-men who passed these bills and decided that they wanted to take the voice and choice of women away. 

It is important that we take action. Host a protest, write a letter to your state senators, sign petitions, and if you have the resources, donate to organizations or fundraisers that are being held for these individuals. We want to support everyone in any way that we can, and this starts with individual action. 

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