Quarantine’s latest passion project: Crush on Life’s inspirations

According to the Association of Mental Health Among Teenagers During the Pandemic” by Jama Network, over 1 in 4 adolescents have anxiety and depression recorded during the COVID-19 quarantine period, because of this many have turned to new hobbies to help better themselves. Seniors, Jett Mitchell and Dominick (Dom) Raffaini have followed this trend to foster their most recent passion project: an indie pop duo by the name, Crush on Life. 

When asked, both musicians agreed on the positive effect their band has had on their relationships and mental health.

“It’s really helped me grow, not just as an artist, but as a person,” Raffaini said. Quarantine and Crush on Life have allowed the duo to identify flaws within themselves and help to correct them.

“Before creating Crush on Life I had really terrible trust issues… but because of my partnership with Dom, I’ve allowed myself to create more connections,” Mitchell said. The lockdowns have granted the pair extra time for self reflection and improvement where they’ve been able to discover what motivates them to make music. Both share the desire to inspire those around them. Mitchell wants their audience to be their best as people and as artists, while Raffaini wants to wake up their listeners to whatever it is that fulfils them. Raffaini ended the interview with final insight into Crush on Life’s music and concluding advice to their listeners.

“With a lot of our music, the themes always start out with something that’s been bugging us… and it always comes back to letting go. Every song always has baggage that’s spewing out and it’s always about doubt, fears, and not knowing what to do and the answer is always letting go,” Raffaini said.

Mitchell and Raffaini intend to generate more music to provide a creative platform for others. They’re hopeful to release an EP soon and an album by the end of next summer, with the intent to build a community that impacts and inspires. You can find them on Spotify under “Crush on Life’’, on their Instagram, @crushonlifemusic, and on TikTok, @crushonlife.

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