Varsity football chases MCAL title under new lights

Aug. 27, 2021 marked the  opening  game  for Friday Night Football. Over 1,400 fans showed up to watch the first  preseason  Varsity  home game  against Kelseyville. Mustangs won 55-0 with touchdowns from five  different  players.  The  JV football team won earlier  in the day, beating  Kelseyville 60-0.  The team is expected to  do well  this  season, after ranking  first  in  the  Marin County Athletic  League (MCALs). Friday  night games under the  lights  are expected  to become a norm after the end of a six year lawsuit. 

The  team  has not  had an official  season  in  two  years, after a shortened season last  Spring  due  to  Covid cancellations in the Fall.

Boyd praises the team’s dedication  because of the early  hours they  put  in throughout last spring and summer in preparation. 

“Showing  up  to  summer workouts, early morning workouts, [and] doing camps,  when they  could  be chilling  with  their  friends,” Boyd said.

Senior running back, Justin  Guin,  ran  in  the  first touchdown  of  the  season early  in  the  first  quarter. Senior  Dominic  Mancuso, team  captain,  said the fans and the lights pushed the players even harder.

The  Mustangs entered halftime  with a score of 41-0.  Two more touchdowns were  scored  in  the  second half,  leading  the  Mustangs to  a  win of 55-0.  Many players scored touchdowns, with three  from Justin Guin, two  from  Andy Garcia,  and one  from  Aidyn Gendel, Ben  Langford, and  Mason Fullbright.

There  are  also two new additions to the team this year. Frankie Petuya and Dylan Burness are both recent  transfers from Novato High school.

“They [Frankie Petuya and Dylan Burness] both have  really  embraced  the message  that  we have  here and  the pace  of practice,  it’s great  to  have  guys like  that on the team,” Boyd said.

Boyd believes that  the players  are  more  determined under the spotlight, which leads to a better execution. “When we do get  to  play on Friday nights, it  elevates everyone’s performance and they  are  excited  to play on that type of stage,” Boyd said.

While  the  lights  boost performance, Mancuso thinks that more fans in the bleachers also increases the pressure on the players. The next home game is the homecoming  game where San Marin will play  Novato  on  Oct. 15, 2021.  Masks are recommended  for fans.  The entrance fee is $7.

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
Senior running back and
Varsity captain Justin Guin
making a play. The team beat
Kelseyville 55-0 in the first
preseason game under the
lights on Aug. 27.

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