Underclassmen react to first rally of the year

Skye Tweedie

On Aug. 27, 2021 San Marin’s first rally since Jan. 2020 was held on the football field as opposed to previous years when rallies were held in the gym. 

“We weren’t going to have a rally at all but we realized that it was a hallmark of San Marin,” senior and ASB Vice-President Mi’Zauni Reese said. “So, we had to compromise and figure out what we could do. We got a verbal agreement from Dr. Sims to hold the rally on the field.” 

The verbal agreement was made because the outdoor rallies would be too loud with the crowding of different grade levels. Making neighbors and the district aware of the noise was important to maintain positive relationships and continuation of rallies in the future. 

After not being on campus for the past year and a half, this was the freshmen and sophomores’ first experience at a rally. 

“It was fun to see the whole school all together, rather than just our individual groups.” sophomore Cate Contreras said. 

Other underclassmen noted problems they experienced during the rally. 

“I thought the rally was really boring. We were all just standing around watching other people play sports,” sophomore Zane Marshall said. “Finding some way to make it more interactive would be cool, instead of everyone just standing around.” 

There were also errors with the soundsystem, which made it difficult for students to hear and understand. 

“It was a new sound system and someone from the district came to set it up the day before, but there was one wire unplugged, so the system didn’t work,” Reese said. 

Leadership hopes to hold an indoor rally for Homecoming, but it is dependent on the status of COVID, and the administration’s discretion. 

“We did the best we could with our capabilities,” senior and ASB President Christian Jimenez said.

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