Students emerge from quarantine with new athletic skills

During the pandemic many things have prohibited people from pursuing their passions. From these conditions, students have found a new love in their respective sports. Senior Jack Covert started playing Golf, Sophomore Tayla Satkin began surfing, Sophomore Victoria Viazovtsev started cheerleading for San Marin, and Freshman Rio Seiler started playing lacrosse.

Jack Covert

Senior Jack  Covert  turned to golf due to his multiple concussions inhibiting  him from playing contact  sports, but he was excited to engage in a challenging sport once more. Covert’s favorite  aspect of golf is its competitiveness and how you meet   new people. Covert’s favorite  place  to play is at the Rooster Run golf course because,  “the  scenery is super picturesque, but as for the course, the greens were superb and better than anywhere [he] had played before,” Covert said. 

Talya Satkin

Sophomore Talya  Satkin  started surfing  last  October.  She  began surfing  because  she  needed  a new hobby, and because  she loves  the  beach;  surfing  was  a natural  choice.  “My favorite thing  about  surfing  is  being  out in the water. It’s therapeutic,” Satkin said.  While  Satkin is still  a  beginner,  Bolinas  is  her current favorite place to go because of its more mellow waves.  “Surfing  is  my  escape from the stresses of everyday life,” Satkin said. She hopes to improve her surfing.

Rio Seiler

Freshman Rio Seiler began playing  lacrosse  when sports started  to reopen. He played midfielder  for  Marin  Lacrosse Monkeys last season and is plans to try out this year. Seiler’s favorite  thing  about lacrosse is the satisfaction of scoring goals. His favorite attack  move is the “bullet  dodge”.  The  bullet dodge is a move that allows the attacker  to bypass the defender via a switching of the stick in your hands as well  as a  jab step to confuse your opponent.  “It’s my  favorite move,  it works effectively  for me,” Seiler  said.

Victoria Viazovtsev 

Sophomore Victoria Viazovtsev found a love for cheerleading ignited by her training in rhythmic  gymnastics  which is similar to cheerleading. Victoria’s  favorite  thing  about cheerleading is the stunt work because it requires  collaboration and a challenge. “My favorite moment in cheerleading so far has been the camp I went to in July because of the team bonding and learning new dances with the  team,” Viazovtsev said. She plans to continue cheerleading.

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