Students dive into their frustrations over sharing a pool

In recent years, San Marin updated the Performing Arts Center, and added a building for the sciences.  Over the summer of 2021, they repainted the buildings’ exterior and also most of the pillars. Additionally, the baseball field is currently being renovated. Many athletes and staff, including teacher Michelle LeMieux, advocate for a pool whenever the school raises lots of money. Projects such as renovations and campus beautification have taken higher priority over a pool. 

“It is extremely costly to put in a pool, and yearly maintenance is about $20,000 to $30,000 per year,” Principal Mark Sims said. 

Due to the high expenses, San Marin and Novato agreed to share the pool at Novato’s campus. But many San Marin athletes face some challenges. During swim season, San Marin has some practices that occur ten minutes after school. Athletes must rush to the pool and get changed in  time  for practice due to travel time to Novato’s pool. However, in addition to traffic, some athletes show up late. The team must wait for everyone to get changed before they can start practice, which results in decreased pool time.  

Some students aren’t aware that San Marin offers swimming and water polo because  there  isn’t a pool on campus. Many athletes and coaches believe that there would be  more people expressing interest in joining  the  aquatics programs if there was one.

“Of course, water sports aren’t ever  as well represented as bigger sports, but I feel  like  there would be much better representation if we had our own pool,” junior Colin Eilerman said.

Swim coach and Social Studies teacher Michelle LeMieux has advocated for building a pool since she was a student at San Marin. 

“It’s something that San Marin has always wanted,” LeMieux said. “It’s very frustrating for the population on campus that cares and wants that.”

Novato High School also has difficulties with sharing a pool. Coaches from both schools have to compromise on things such as practice durations and game locations. Some days, one school won’t have practice because the other school will have games that extends for a long period of time.  

“I know our coaches have  to work it out with San Marin on who has the pool for how long.  It  can lead to some weird practice times,” Novato senior water polo player  and swimmer Cooper Thelen said. “It makes it more complicated for all  the coaches involved.” 

Until there is enough money raised and more administration members, students, and staff advocate for  a pool at each NUSD school, San Marin will continue to use the one at Novato. It is not ideal for both  schools since it results in many difficulties, but athletes and coaches continue to make the most out of their practice time slots, given that there is only one pool to share. 

“While the board says that the Novato High pool belongs to both Novato and San Marin, it is not the same as having your own pool to use on our own time,” said LeMieux.

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