New buildings create modern look on campus

The newly built Emily Gates Performing Arts Center. This will allow for higher quality productions and performances.

Over the past year, San Marin has renovated the campus with additions such as the new STEM building and performing arts center (PAC); this has opened up many opportunities for the Drama and STEM programs. This new space will allow the Drama program to increase their professional performances and take their productions to the next level, with professional equipment. 

The STEM program now has a whole space focused and dedicated to STEM, with outdoor space for students and science labs. These new additions were made possible because of Measure G, which is a $222 million school bond to provide all students with a modern space to learn and to equip them with the tools they need to thrive in modern society.

The entire school was also repainted this past summer to match the new STEM building. In addition, San Marin is in the process of re-turfing the softball field and baseball field by November of this school year.

 The introduction to the new buildings has brought opportunities to the school as they have now been able to expand programs. Drama, AVID, ELD, and Technical Theater teacher, Hailey McFadden said the following regarding the renovated performing arts center.

 “It’s going to allow us to have more ‘professional productions’ and just higher quality productions,” McFadden said. The performing arts center now has a greenroom, lobby, ticket booth, and auditorium. These additions will expand the work they can do.

“The renovations will give us the opportunity to work with, basically, professional equipment…that alone will take our productions to the next level,” McFadden said. 

Senior drama student, Johnny Lam Lopez, shared his excitement towards the new drama building renovation, along with the opportunities that will come with it. 

“It’s a great addition to the school, definitely a well needed upgrade,” Lam Lopez said. “It’s really nice to be able to enjoy it before we pass it on to the next group.” 

In addition to the new drama building, the STEM program has received an entire renovation including 11 classrooms, science labs, outdoor space, and study areas. STEM teacher Nick Williams appreciated the priority that the community has placed on education, displayed by the time and effort put into creating the STEM building. 

“It is an awesome asset for students, and I think it shows that our community puts a real priority on student achievement and students thriving in sciences and engineering,” Williams said.

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