AP art students share their work from this year

Mia Nettz and Simone Reynolds

At the beginning of each year, AP art students choose a theme for all the pieces they will create throughout the year. As they are assigned work they have to keep their theme in mind and create something that relates to it. This year, students didn’t get the opportunity to showcase their art. Here are some of the students from Ms. Norman’s class and the pieces they chose to share.

Senior Gracie Enslin

“My question was to investigate toxic relationships…I wanted it to be up to the viewer whether the hands were causing the girl harm or helping her,” Enslin said.

Senior Zane Walas

“My goal was to derive meaning from weird characters, anything but a human. It’s supposed to be a kind of dissociation, something vaguely human,” Walas said.

Junior Brooke Leonard

 “My theme was how can I show a loss of self through art? You think about religion and how there’s the good and the bad and through that I was putting a devil and an angel on the shoulders to show the illusion of choice,” Leonard said.

Junior Abby O’Sullivan

“My question was revolving around imagination, how you can be everyone but you’re still you, and how you can go everywhere but you’re still nowhere, just the journey your imagination takes you on,” O’Sullivan said.

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