Student part time jobs during Covid-19

Having a part time job gives high school students an immense advantage. As of Apr. 18th 2021, 72.5% of Marin County citizens over the age of 16 now have been vaccinated, according to the Marin Health and Human Services (HHS). As a result, job opportunities are now more plentiful.

Papa Murphy’s Pizzeria:

Junior Mark Epstein who works at Papa Murphy’s Pizzeria on Diablo Avenue in Novato: workers can make up to $15.25 dollars an hour and can work around 22 hours per week.

 The positions of crew member, shift supervisor, and assistant store manager are currently available at Papa Murphy’s Pizzeria, with a wage starting at $15 dollars an hour.

“Since I started working a year and a half ago, I have saved about $12,000 dollars, I’ve only spent my earnings on gas and food,” junior Mark Epstein said. “Not many people realize but there’s a whole underbelly of people just trying to make by, I see the different lifestyles, and get glimpses into many different types of people”

Rolling Hills Country Club

Rolling Hills Club on San Andreas Drive in Novato: Rolling Hills is an all inclusive country club in Novato.

 Rolling Hills Country Club is equipped with a full gym, swimming pool, yoga studio, 2 racquetball courts, 12 tennis courts, and more. Some current openings at Rolling Hills include summer day camp director, with job duties of managing all camp programs for campers from 5-19 years old. A summer day camp director can make around f $15 per hour.

“The best part about working at Rolling Hills is the free gym membership I get in addition to my salary,” junior Christian Jimenez said. “One of the most important things I learned while working at Rolling Hills is patience and controlling my temper, especially around young kids.”

Nothing Bundt Cakes:

Senior Jordan Leuenberger who works at Nothing Bundt Cakes on Tamal Vista Boulevard in Corte Madera: A charming and welcoming store specializing in delicious bundt cakes, which are cakes baked in bundt pans to create a  distinctive doughnut-shaped cake.

 Nothing Bundt Cakes currently has several job openings including: cake decorator, dishwasher, guest service representative, delivery driver, and more. Employees can make an average of $16 per hour.

“[working at Nothing Bundt Cakes] has taught me leadership skills and of course cake skills,” senior Jordan Leuenberger said. “I spend my earnings 50/50. 50% goes into my savings, and 50% goes into my spending that I use for gas and food and other expenses.”

Resources for job opportunities are posted in the front office by the counselors office. Postings can also be found in the library at the college and career center. In order to be employed as a high school student, the state of California requires minors to fill out a “Statement of intent to employ and request for work permit.” Work permit forms can be found in the front office, but if not present, ask a counselor for a form.

Job recommendations:

To those currently searching for a part time job, here are some ideas:

1.Working part time at a local store. Stores currently hiring include Trader Joes, and Chipotle, Peet’s Coffee, and more. Applying for these positions online is easy, or going to physical locations to inquire about open positions could work as well.

2. Dog walking/babysitting; If you love dogs and want to stay active, dog walking is a great fit. Babysitting for neighbors or family friends is also a way to make money. To get started, posting an ad about services offered and a brief description about yourself as well as availability on sites such as “Novato in the know” on Facebook can help discover local demographics.

3. Become a summer camp counselor;  spend the summer taking care of kids of all ages. Counselors interact with our campers throughout the entire day, helping them make friends, try new things, and generally caring for their well-being.

4.Yard Work/landscaping- If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, landscaping is a great way to make money for highschool students. 

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