VLA is affecting everyone in the school community

As of Apr. 12th,  the campus has been open to those who chose in-person learning, having to attend four times a week in comparison to VLA students who still remain attending class on ZOOM. However, with 203 out of 1100 students remaining virtual, teachers have been more likely to be more focused with in-person students in comparison to VLA students.

junior Sally Cesko

“For the most part it’s kinda difficult, with my STEM class for example a lot of the attention is given to the inperson students and then we are kinda left for a lot of the time on ZOOM,” junior Sally Cesko said. “I think it is a difficult situation to navigate,  it’s just always going to be weird, but I overall think teachers can make a little more of an effort. Teachers could probably spend a little more time making sure everyone is doing well, but on the other side I think it’s difficult to communicate when nobody has their cameras on.”

junior Sara Bazikian

“One of the biggest challenges I face being VLA is that there is no real life face to face interaction with people which can make it hard to focus and really engage in the class. A class that is giving me a hard time and makes me want to be on campus is APUSH because I think it would be easier to ask questions on the material if I were physically in the class.”

sophomore Danny Cardenas

“I sometimes feel uncomfortable turning on my camera and leaving it on for the whole day especially in classes where I’m the only VLA it just makes me feel awkward while everyone is at school all together. I’m through a screen, it’s just not the same. I personally haven’t had much problems being virtual but I know others may because they have more distractions at home or a lot going on like siblings being around, etc. For me, what has been hard about being VLA is everyday feeling the same because I wake up, have breakfast, get ready, join class and just sit in one spot most of the day every week.”

freshman Silas Mountsier

“When doing like a work out or like yoga, it was kinda awkward but I still did it.. it would have been easier or better but I know we had to show that we were participating in the certain things I still think it would have been better if we didn’t have to put our cameras on like if it wasn’t mandatory, but we still in a way I get the teachers.”

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