Sports return for a combined spring season

      Due to safety precautions and lock downs for COVID-19 all sports seasons were delayed, and are now combined into the spring season. With all sports taking place at the same time and COVID-19 still active guidelines were set in place by San Marin.

      Sports held pre-season cohorts to keep players in shape. The rules athletes and coaches followed have changed, and now allow closer levels of contact. When starting the official season, there are multiple guidelines that athletes will have to follow.

      Michele Smith, said athletes have to participate in “check-ins” before each practice.

      “We have several protocols in place,” Smith said. “Starting with each student having to sign an assumption of risk form, they also have to sign a pre-participation questionnaire that assures they don’t have any symptoms coming into the season.”

      There are also many sanitary supplies being used when at practice or games. Smith said these are to keep athletes and coaches safe.

      “We have hand sanitizer, disinfecting paper towels, making sure the kids maintain six feet of distance, wearing masks, the list can go on forever,” Smith said. “And then we have specific protocols for what each team has to follow when they’re out there on their field which they will discover once they attend preseason practices or the official season.”          

      COVID-19 delayed the original start dates for seasons because of the safety dangers, although there is still the concern of COVID-19, Smith feels confident sports will be starting up again safely.

      “We postponed the start of seasons multiple times because of the condition of COVID-19,” Smith said, “I think at this time especially with all the vaccines coming out that we are doing it in a very safe manner and I think coaches, players, parents, and the County are behind that.”

      With the combination of all sports into the Spring season many teams will be sharing sports fields and the gyms. This means more flexibility with timing for practices and games. 

      “Having every sport go on at one time is going to be difficult to manage,” Smith said, “But being able to offer it and giving everybody a season was our number one priority and I think that’s the most important thing here.”

      The athletic department is urging concerns and questions to be asked to them directly in hopes of creating an environment where athletes feel safe. In order to reach out, contact (

      “I want to make sure that those that are participating and their parents feel comfortable and feel that we are keeping their kids safe and that if there was any question that they feel comfortable to come to the athletic department and let us know their concerns,” Smith said.

Simone Reynolds
Freshman football team practices on the football field. After delaying the original fall sports season, football is now practicing and have been playing in the Spring since March 1st.

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