Stang Gang Survey: What is your dream Valentine’s date?


August Janiak- “My dream date is probably the guy picking me up with flowers and taking me to a farmers’ market to get food and then going to watch the sunset in a spot he picked out.”

Akio Suzuki-“My dream date would probably be going to an amusement park.”


Owen Fewell- “My perfect date would definitely have to be building legos with my significant other.” 

Sadie Fonarev- “My perfect date would probably be eating french fries, going on a picnic, and listening to music @mahaliamorgan.”


Ashley Diaz Villalobos- “My dream date would be a long hike that leads to a beach and a sunset picnic to finish it off.”

Tyler Mcdonagh- “My dream date is going snowboarding all day in Tahoe and then going to the lake and watching the stars.” 


Ashley Casper- “My dream date would be going to the fair and having a great time going on all the rides and playing the games.  I think it would be such a great time at night with all of the pretty lights.”

Daniel Bazikian- “The perfect date in my opinion is any dedicated quality time with your significant other, whether laid back at home or eating at an upscale restaurant.”

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