Seniors commit to college athletics

Lucy MoganUniversity of California, Santa Barbara – Division 1 Softball 

Courtesy of Lucy Mogan
Outfielder Lucy Mogan has committed to the University of California Santa Barbara to play division one softball. 

Lucy Mogan committed to the University of California Santa Barbara for division one softball as an outfielder. She plans to major in environmental science. 

Mogan has been playing softball since she was eight years old. She started through Novato Girls Softball; and later joined regional travel teams including the NorCal Smackers and Sorcerers where she has played in tournaments and showcases in various states. 

“It’s that feeling of competing and wanting to contribute to the greater team effort,” Mogan said. “Softball has always made me happy and it’s a place where I can go to forget about all the things going on in the moment and just play.” From the very beginning, Mogan knew she wanted to play at the collegiate level. Her coaches and family have helped her get to where she is today. Mogan was given offers from three other schools: Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and Humboldt State. She chose UCSB because for her it was a good balance of academics and athletics. 

“I would like to play softball for as long as I can and I’m excited to know that my college experience will include being a part of a D1 softball team competing in the Big West conference.” Mogan said. 

  Jessica SchneiderWashington State University- Division 1 Rowing 

Courtesy of Jessica Schneider
Rower Jessica Schneider has committed to Washington State University to row at the division one level. 

Jessica Schneider committed to Washington State University in Pullman Washington for their rowing team. At Washington, she plans to major in kinesiology with hopes to become a physical therapist. 

Schneider has been rowing for two and a half years. She began rowing because her mom wanted her to try something new. 

Schneider likes rowing because of the intensity and the pressure of racing. 

“It’s hard at times of course and you might even get burnt out but no matter what your team will be with you always,” Schneider said. “It makes me feel very happy because I always know that someone is there whether it be my coach or team.’’

Schneider never thought she would make it to the collegiate level-she always planned to go to community college instead-but when she started rowing, she knew she wanted to do it for the rest of her life. 

“I worked with a college counselor and a professional rower located in Pennsylvania. She helped me through the entire process,” Schneider said. “The recruiting process took about a year, it was going through numerous coaches around the nation and seeing which one clicked for me.’’ 

Schneider narrowed down her offers to the University of Alabama and Washington State.  She chose Washington State because of the small community and town. 

 “It’s a small town area and the coaches and team were super sweet.” Schneider said “I also chose WSU because I wanted to be part of the NCAA championship races in the future. I hope to travel internationally someday.’’

Tyson Geraci-California State University Chico – Division 2 Basketball 

Courtesy of Tyson Geraci
Guard Tyson Geraci has committed to California State University Chico to play division two basketball. 

Tyson Geraci committed to California State University Chico to play division two basketball as a guard. He plans to major in communications or business.
Geraci has been playing basketball for 10 years. He started playing because he wanted to fit in with his brothers. His brother is currently a player at Chico State.

“Basketball has always been a safe place for me to clear my mind and just shoot. It makes me excited and flowing with energy,’’ Geraci said. “The feeling of being in the middle of a game is a feeling like no other.’’

Playing college basketball has always been something Geraci has planned for. The recruiting process for Geraci was joyful because he liked hearing back from colleges. Geraci talked to several colleges including: Sonoma State, Point Loma, and Stanislaus State.

Geraci chose Chico because of the welcoming environment. He also already knew about Chico’s basketball program because his older brother is currently a player there. 

“They seemed like one big family and it was something I really wanted to get myself a part of,” Geraci said. 

Ashley CasperBethany Lutheran College- Division 3 Soccer 

Courtesy of Ashley Casper
Defender Ashley Casper has committed to Bethany Lutheran College to play division three soccer. 

Ashley Casper committed to Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota to play division three soccer as a defender. She plans to major in pre-law. 

Casper has been playing soccer for 13 years. She doesn’t remember how she started playing but is grateful that she did. Casper loves the team element of soccer. She feels it’s the “greatest feeling ever” to come together as a team and win a game. 

Casper was nine years old when she knew she wanted to play soccer at the college level. 

 “There were so many days before showcases of just pumping out emails to schools I wanted to go to, which was rather boring, but in the end, so worth it,’’ Casper said.

Casper was given offers at Midland University, Mount Marty University, Bethany Lutheran College, and William Penn University. 

“I chose Bethany because it had everything I wanted in a school and the town it is in is fantastic,” Casper said. “When I was on campus it just felt like such a warm, welcoming place. The Coach is absolutely amazing as well, she was super helpful in the process and I just can’t wait to play for her.” 

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