Opinion: A Disney Pixar Film Taught Me How To Be More Present

I never imagined that a Disney Pixar film would answer some of my deepest questions about life, and yet after watching the movie Soul, I have developed an entirely new understanding of ideas I once believed incomprehensible. I feel that at many times during our lives, we question what our purpose is and what we are supposed to be doing with our time on this planet. Our questioning inspires big ideas of what life should be or could be, but it doesn’t scratch the surface of what life really is. Soul tears down the idea of having one specific purpose in life, and instead highlights how life is simply living every moment, and I have never agreed so fully with the message an animated film presents.  

At many times, I have become so caught up in reaching a goal or getting to the next step, that I missed out on everything else going on around me. I found myself so focused on getting to the end of a semester, the end of a week, the end of a day, that I failed to notice all the little things that occurred in that span of time that make life worth living. Many times it seems like people are walking through life with blinders on, dead set on getting to college, getting a job, attaining financial stability, and constantly telling themselves that once they get there they’ll be happy. I am guilty of doing this myself. 

After watching the movie Soul, I have realized it is the little things that make life worth living, and that it is easy to lose sight of those things. I forget at times that no one is guaranteed any amount of time in this life, so planning to start truly living only once you reach a certain point is, well, pointless. This movie showed me what it truly means to live in the moment, and the value of being present. 

Ruby Widergren

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