How pets benefitted students/staff throughout quarantine

Pets have been known to be a worldwide companion and provide support to people physically and mentally. With the presence of COVID-19, people have been able to spend more time with their pets and create more memories with them. 

Senior Aiden Essig owns 17 pets total but has chosen to mention some of the ones that he thinks are more interesting. 

“Zoro is 5 years old and he is a sun conure…He is a good distraction from everything around me because he takes up a lot of care and attention,” Essig said. “Callie is 11 years old. We compete in all sorts of competitions together when it is safe. She forces me to go outside and move as I have to exercise her.”

Courtesy of Aiden Essig
Courtesy of Aiden Essig

Allison McIvor, Head of Music Department, owns a dog and two cats.

“I am a proud owner of a dog, Sadie, (terrier/chihuahua mix) 8 years old, female, black and white, and two cats,” McIvor said. “Buster is my male tuxedo cat (9 years) and Athena is a female tortoiseshell (9 years).”

Courtesy of Allison McIvor
Courtesy of Allison McIvor

Junior Sally Cesko owns a variety of different pets, including a bearded dragon.

“I have two cats named Pandora and Serafina, a bearded dragon named Agador Spartacus, and four axolotls named Alfred, Arlene, Peanut, and Poop,” Cesko said.

Courtesy of Sally Cesko
Courtesy of Sally Cesko
Courtesy of Sally Cesko

Teachers shared how their pets have helped them through quarantine. 

“Honestly, having a dog has been wonderful during quarantine. She is my constant companion and both Kelsey and Courtney know, she is my favorite daughter,” McIvor said. “It has been funny because since we’ve been home, she now runs from me when I pull out the leash-sometimes it is just too many walks!”

Jayne Flynn, Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus teacher owns a dog named Infinity who is 3 years old. 

“It is nice always having her around, although she has become extra needy since we’re together so much,” Flynn said. “She gets much more attention (if she could she would have us play with her ALL day) and forces us to go on multiple walks every day.”

Courtesy of Jayne Flynn

There have been multiple cases shown where pets have been able to help students and staff throughout quarantine and provide them with a schedule. 

“They have all been awesome to have during quarantine. I feed the axolotls every other day, which has helped me maintain something of a schedule. Agador and Pandora and I were going outside a lot while it was sunny which was good for all of us,” Cesko said. “I have started feeding my cats at the same time every day, which means a lot of angry meowing in the morning because Pandora doesn’t like to wait for food. The schedule change though was not so much because of quarantine, but rather because she’s a meanie and a muffin thief and she likes to steal food and then throw up.”

With having to stay at home, there have been some routine changes that have had to have been made in order to still be able to exercise and care for the pets. 

“[Callie] forces me to go outside and move as I have to exercise her,” Essig said. It’s been a lot harder to go to her because it is hard to avoid people but I still need to take care of her. We still walk around the property and up trails but I always wear a mask.”

Author: Reiko Suzuki

Reiko Suzuki is a junior and one of the duties for the features page. One of her hobbies is drawing. Her favorite thing to do during her free time is spend time with her pets.

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