College athletics make adjustments due to COVID-19

As reported COVID-19 cases increase across the country, both high school and collegiate athletics are becoming increasingly limited. Over the past few years, San Marin has been home to several athletes who have since moved on to college-level athletics.

University of California, Berkeley graduate student and football player Collin Moore has expressed that while his schedule remains very busy on campus this year, similar to past years, the day moves slower due to safety precautions in place. The team does not have access to their locker rooms, has outdoor meetings, and needs to have COVID tests done consistently. 

“You just have to be much more efficient with your time,” Moore said. “You have to dress in warmer clothes because you’re going to be outside the whole day and had to be flexible with everything.” 

As the state of California discourages large gatherings, there were also no or limited audience members at sporting events this past season. Moore says that the large crowds make games “a lot more exciting.”

Even without extra safety precautions, according to student-athletes, they have more to deal with than others, and balancing time can prove to be a challenge. 

“You really do have to learn how to prioritize and time-manage school along with sports,” Chapman University freshman and softball player Summer Lake said.

However, many college athletes are welcoming of the increased workload.

“It is very demanding and intense but at the same time is extremely gratifying and a personal honor to be a college athlete,” UC Davis sophomore and equestrian Kendal Scheiner said.

Some students, like Harvey Mudd College sophomore and swimmer Nathan Luis, were unable to be on campus and participate in their sport at all.

“I wasn’t on campus this last semester so there was no real swim season which should’ve led to more free time, but it didn’t really,” Luis said. Luis continues to say that academics and other necessities took up the majority of that time.

“The biggest change was the lack of swim and the camaraderie it brings and the replacement of that with necessary tasks and more schoolwork,” Luis said. 

Courtesy of Collin Moore
UC Berkeley graduate student Collin Moore celebrates on the football field. Moore’s season was very similar to past years, but with extra precautions to ensure everyone’s health.

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