10 ways to celebrate this holiday season at home

Like almost everything else this year, the holiday season has been impacted by COVID-19. The CDC has stated that minimizing social gatherings is recommended due to health and safety concerns. Although traditional plans may be cancelled, it does not mean this year you have to be bored at home. This holiday season is the time to get creative and start new traditions. 

  1. Have a holiday movie marathon. 

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu provide all sorts of holiday movies to put you in the mood. Here are some classical holiday movies ranked. 

Holiday Movies ranked: https://smhsponyexpress.org/2020/12/15/holiday-movie-reviews/

  1. Wear matching pajamas with family or friends 

             The best fashion statement you can make this holiday season is some festive pajamas, better yet, match with your family. 

Matching pajamas: https://www.target.com/c/family-pajamas/-/N-4yyte

  1. Have a virtual holiday party

Since the pandemic began, Zoom has become a daily used form of communication. To replace the annual holiday parties, you can get creative with virtual events. From virtual dinner parties to ugly sweater contests, you can still celebrate the holidays with your loved ones at home. 

  1. Send gifts to loved ones

Gift giving is always a fun part of the season, and you can still make someone’s day by sending them something to open at home. Make them wait until the day of your holiday to open it, and join a zoom call to see their reaction. 

  1. Send postcards 

A holiday postcard is a great way to show people you’ve been thinking of them during these difficult times and make their day.  Write a personal message, stick on a decorative stamp and send out! 

Holiday Stamps: https://store.usps.com/store/results/stamps/holiday/_/N-9y93lvZ1mzlvsg

  1. Bake cookies

Baking cookies is always a great way to spread holiday cheer. Deliver to friends and family and don’t forget to save some for yourself. 

Various cookie recipes: https://smhsponyexpress.org/2020/12/15/holiday-cookie-recipces/

  1. Have a family game night 

Family game night is always a good idea but it will be even more special when you play under the twinkling lights of your holiday decorations. Some favorites  include jenga, uno, and cards against humanity. 

  1. Have a karaoke night

Sing your heart out and host a sing-off at home with holiday songs with an online karaoke party with zoom and online karaoke player. 

Pony Express holiday playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5UUYXNbJDjjUO6fs6bxzY0

  1. Enjoy holiday lights 

Nothing beats going out to your neighborhood to see the bright and merry holiday lights, especially the Romberio’s house in Novato, Ca. 

      10 . Make a donation 

Make this the season of giving by donating to a local charity to spread the holiday with others. 

Local charity in Marin to donate christmas gifts or money for children.  https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/WebLink.aspx?name=E10141&id=2

Amanda Oppegard. The Romberio’s house in Marin. Going around to see holiday lights is a holiday activity that is safe for this season. 

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