Student share favorite quarantine activities

COVID-19 has brought a halt to various hobbies and extracurriculars. Since San Marin has recently stopped holding small sport cohorts, students have not been able to the activities they usually do. During quarantine, students have found new ways to exercise and discover hobbies.  

“This is a great time for people to try workouts and find out what kind of exercise fits in with their schedule,” sophomore Ashleigh Judson said. “By experimenting with a new workout routine you may discover an exercise you really enjoy or even a new sport you would like to take up.”

While quarantine has impacted their previous activities they took part in, many students remain active.

“I have been staying active during quarantine by working out daily and occasionally taking walks,” junior Kaia Ring said. “A way that quarantine has affected my ability to do Jiu-Jitsu is that it prevents us from going in and actually getting lessons. I feel like there are not as many opportunities to test your skill level with all of the limitations that quarantine brings. ” 

Violet Cesko, a freshman volleyball and soccer player shared how she has been staying active throughout the months.

“Physically, I just pass a volleyball to myself with occasional stretching, and mentally, meditating has been clearing my mind and keeping me centered,” Cesko said. “I usually just stretch so I can be prepared for when sports start up, but other than that I do wall sits and planks every now and then.”

Other students have instead picked up new hobbies because of the uncertainty of sports. Judson has worked on experimenting with different types of art styles.

“During the lockdown I started to venture into art mediums that are outside of my comfort zone including watercolor and acrylic pours,” Judson said. “Through these new mediums I have been able to more clearly see where my skill set lands in art and compare it to where I would like to be in a year’s time.”

 Faith Gomez, a junior has started a new hobby of collecting Calico Critters. Calico Critters can be used for decoration and displaying purposes. 

“Calico critters are these figures of different animals that have clothes and they come in families,” Gomez said. “And you can get accessories, furniture, houses, cars, and some other stuff. I got into it because I have always liked collecting things and they are really adorable…I’ve known about them since I was a kid, but I never got them until now.”

Courtesy of Faith Gomez
Faith Gomez’s collection of Calico Critters continues to grow. This is one of the newer hobbies that she has gotten into since quarantine began

COVID-19 has affected the normal routine of hobbies and extracurriculars to many students due to the closures of recreational buildings and halt to sports.

“I used to go back and forth to LA all the time for work…it’s annoying because most of my friends are there,” Cesko said. “I had been playing a lot of volleyball but that was cut short due to COVID as well. Now I just do music mostly and recently it has been very therapeutic.”

Author: Reiko Suzuki

Reiko Suzuki is a junior and one of the duties for the features page. One of her hobbies is drawing. Her favorite thing to do during her free time is spend time with her pets.

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